Roger Bettis' 2010 rape conviction for brutal attack at MCG in Augusta, reversed on appeal

...trial judge didn't follow the proper procedure to determine whether Bettis could represent himself at trial.Judge Carl C. Brown Jr. presided over Bettis' trial in Richmond County Superior Court. A jury found Bettis guilty of attempted rape...

Murder conviction for 2010 Augusta homicide affirmed

...painkiller, and $1,715.Gibbs is serving two consecutive life sentences for murder and armed robbery. Judge Carl C. Brown Jr., who presided over Gibbs' case, imposed additional five-year sentences for weapon charges.

Two child molesters sentenced to prison terms

...DeLardge, 53, pleaded guilty in Richmond County Superior Court to molesting a 9-year-old girl in June. Judge Carl C. Brown Jr. sentenced DeLardge ? who had previously been convicted of enticing a child for indecent purposes ? to 25 years...

Prison term imposed for aggravated battery

...injuries requiring multiple surgeries and dental work pleaded guilty Thursday in Richmond County Superior Court.Judge Carl C. Brown Jr. sentenced Hunter Baxley, 20, to a three-year prison term followed by seven years probation. Baxley must pay...

Evans woman goes to prison for homeowner association thefts

...stealing more than $267,000 from the Stratford Community Association over nearly five years.Superior Court Judge Carl C. Brown Jr. sentenced Vanover to seven years in prison followed by 28 years on probation. Though she presented a $12,500...

Prison term for DUI crash that nearly killed Navy petty officer

...pleaded guilty to serious injury by a vehicle, running a red light and violation of the open container law. Judge Carl C. Brown Jr. sentenced Shapiro to three years in prison followed by five years on probation.Bellow talked Wednesday of the...

Augusta man convicted in 26-year-old cold case

...Attorney Falin Syms told the jury in her closing statement.In sentencing Riley, 53, to the maximum possible, Judge Carl C. Brown Jr. said he couldn't think of another case where a victim was subjected to such torture.Syms told the jury that...

Woman pleads guilty to voluntary manslaughter for stabbing boyfriend

...her boyfriend's stabbing death pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of voluntary manslaughter.Superior Court Judge Carl C. Brown Jr. accepted the plea negotiation reached for Catherine Gibson. On Nov. 14, he sentenced her to 12 years in prison...

Mother pleads guilty in DUI crash that injured 2 children

...vehicle, driving under the influence and two counts of endangering a child by driving under the influence.Judge Carl C. Brown Jr. sentenced her to two years in prison followed by eight years on probation. Brown said he would suspend the incarceration...

Trial of former deputy ended in mistrial

...assault against a person in custody in February 2011.The trial began Monday and ended when Superior Court Judge Carl C. Brown Jr. declared a mistrial Tuesday afternoon, according to Assistant District Attorney Laura Stewart, who prosecuted...