Santeria burns bright

CARACAS, Venezuela --- The man says he is possessed by a god. He shouts, his...recent years selling roosters, goats and other animals to be sacrificed in Caracas' working class barrios. In the city's churches, believers can be seen...

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Venezuela goes to bat for Aparicio

CARACAS, Venezuela -- Venezuelans want one of their own on major league baseball's...strength of Venezuelans known," said Cecilia Briceno, a college student in Caracas. Since the Gold Glove was created in 1957, Venezuelan shortstops have...

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez dies at 58

CARACAS, Venezuela - President Hugo Chavez, the fiery populist who declared a...president had returned to Venezuela to be treated at a military hospital in Caracas.Throughout his presidency, Chavez said he hoped to fulfill Bolivar's...

High-tech ID system reportedly causes delays in Venezuela's vote

CARACAS, Venezuela -- The high-tech thumbprint devices were meant to keep people...an election worker, referring to the machines he was operating. At one Caracas polling station, frustrated voters, some of whom had waited in line for...

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Santana is unanimous AL Cy Young winner

...NEW YORK - As joyous fans celebrated by honking car horns in Caracas, Johan Santana sounded overwhelmed. He became the first Venezuelan...traveled Thursday morning from his hometown of Tovar Merida to Caracas. President Hugo Chavez planned to congratulate him Friday...

Cleveland shortstop starts relief fund for Venezuelans

...mountain near Vizquel's hometown of Caracas, the nation's capital. Mudslides have...outside of Seattle. "I'm from Caracas and I know how little they had before...McCaul said. Vizquel plans to fly to Caracas on Jan. 3 or 4 and to stay for three...

Rocker gets more boos

CARACAS, Venezuela -- John Rocker tried to connect with the Venezuelan crowd Sunday, waving his cap to the crowd before the Atlanta...

Stranded mother returns

...three months. Enhicis Viamonte, 29, of Sandy Springs flew to Caracas in December to bury her father, but did not obtain a return...United States. She spent hours at the American Embassy in Caracas over the past three months, and her husband had to lobby U...

Urbina gets 14 years in prison

...baseball pitcher Ugueth Urbina was sentenced to 14 years in prison for the attempted murder of five workers on his family's Caracas ranch, the Venezuela Attorney General's Office announced Wednesday. Urbina, a former pitcher with the Montreal Expos...

Woman has nativity scenes from around the world

...one, also from Mexico. From there, she says, "It sort of snowballed." Now she has them from Capri, Cancun, Venice, Caracas, Vienna -- from places all over the world, wherever she and her husband, Cooper, vacationed after his retirement. "And...