GM expert says 19 deaths eligible for compensation

...percent during the same time.GM dealers have been able to convert customers who come in for recall repairs into new-car buyers when they see renovated dealerships and the company's new vehicles, GM North American President Alan Batey said Monday...

Auto recalls

...weekly. The NHTSA site will show whether there's an open recall, or it will tell drivers there are none.Used-car buyers can check for unrepaired vehicles before they make a purchase.

Thousands of car buyers 'upside down' on car loans

NEW YORK - A growing number of new car buyers are finding they owe more on their existing car loans than the vehicles are worth as trade-ins. The phenomenon, known as being...

Used-car buyers at risk of not knowing of recalls

...particular vehicle has been repaired.The study recommends the safety administration make its vehicle recall database searchable by VIN number and ask Congress to give it the authority to ensure car buyers are notified of recalls prior to sales.

Pickups, small cars drive US June auto sales

DETROIT - Three years ago, U.S. car buyers started trickling back into showrooms after largely sitting...Auto loan rates are pegged to short-term rates, so car buyers should enjoy low financing terms for a while longer...

US employers add 217K jobs; jobless rate stays at 6.3 percent

...nine-year high. Some of that increase reflected a pent-up demand after heavy snow during the winter discouraged car buyers. But analysts predict that healthy sales will continue in coming months, bolstered by low auto-loan rates and the...

Web revving up car shopping

...and answer calls and e-mails from car buyers who simply don't want to haggle...With a few clicks of the mouse, car buyers can study all the features offered...way, but they also realize that car buyers still want to see and touch and drive...

Auto industry braces for more Japan ripples

...tsunami are about to get worse.In the weeks ahead, car buyers will have difficulty finding the model they want in certain...because it is down to a week's worth of some parts.Car buyers will soon see higher prices and fewer choices. Some...

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Ford to join with Microsoft to take orders online

SAN FRANCISCO -- New car buyers looking for a Ford will be able to buy exactly the car they want, using the Web to choose the paint color, upholstery, stereo...

Toyota Prius stays on top in mileage

There's a little something extra for car buyers who have their hearts set on top fuel mileage in the Toyota Prius. But they'd better not get tired of the car's wedge shape...

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