General Motors looks to new vehicles, China to boost profit as it shifts away from recalls

...the company sold nearly 3.2 million vehicles in China, compared with 2.8 million in the U.S.GM hopes Chinese cars buyers embrace Cadillac, the luxury brand that has struggled in the U.S. despite earning numerous awards. GM plans to...

GM expert says 19 deaths eligible for compensation

...percent during the same time.GM dealers have been able to convert customers who come in for recall repairs into new-car buyers when they see renovated dealerships and the company's new vehicles, GM North American President Alan Batey said Monday...

Auto recalls

...weekly. The NHTSA site will show whether there's an open recall, or it will tell drivers there are none.Used-car buyers can check for unrepaired vehicles before they make a purchase.

US employers add 217K jobs; jobless rate stays at 6.3 percent

...nine-year high. Some of that increase reflected a pent-up demand after heavy snow during the winter discouraged car buyers. But analysts predict that healthy sales will continue in coming months, bolstered by low auto-loan rates and the...

Chrysler is rolling out a revamped 200

...the U.S. market."It's brutal," Al Gardner, the CEO of the Chrysler Brand, says of the fight for midsize-car buyers. "You've got to be as competitive as you can."Last year, Chrysler sold roughly 122,000 of the 200s, less than...

New Corolla gains style, legroom in 2014

...inside.Plus, there's so much legroom now ? 42.3 inches in the front seats and 41.4 inches in back ? that car buyers looking for a family sedan might want to consider the new Corolla. In fact, although Toyota press materials refer to...

Electric cars could offer big savings

...advanced models.REVIEW POTENTIAL TAX INCENTIVES: The federal government and some states offer tax incentives to electric car buyers. If you lease, the benefit is generally used to lower the lease cost.At the federal level, there's a tax credit...

Car prices hit record as buyers pile on options

...starting to see that trend in trucks and is adding a lower-priced model to its top-selling F-Series line.Most car buyers shop based on expectations for a monthly payment, with the average running around $450, said Jesse Toprak, a senior...

Debate behavior deplorable

...he's talking about wrote, "The federal government should provide guarantees for post-bankruptcy financing and assure car buyers that their warranties are not at risk."Speaking of American automotive industry destruction, Obama's policies caused...

2014 Toyota Tundra plays catch-up

...six years on the market, though, the Tundra hasn't changed much of anything. Instead, Toyota learned that unlike car buyers, American pickup owners are still fiercely loyal to their Fords, Rams and Chevrolets, and that Detroit feverishly...