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Car thefts up in Augusta, despite declining national figures

...been stolen twice. The last time car thieves took it right out of her driveway...pick-up trucks are most popular with car thieves. However, law enforcement officials...rising, even more so among local car thieves, authorities say. "It's your...
Auto thieves favor certain Augusta sites

This time, car thieves didn't leave Shirley Kelly much. Sheriff's deputies found the...window and take off with it," the investigator said. Quick-working car thieves were glamorized in the hit movie Gone in 60 Seconds, but Investigator...
Fearless car thieves follow familiar pattern

Each morning, Richmond County sheriff's deputies find cars stolen from all over the area abandoned in the 15th Street housing project.
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Mechanic snares would-be car thieves

AIKEN - A group of boys had a plan. An Aiken mechanic had a better one. Armed with a set of keys taken from Wayne McCord's unlocked vehicle the day before, a group of boys returned to Meineke Discount Mufflers on Richland Avenue after dark Thursday to steal the parked car and go joy riding, police say. That's where the car owner was waiting to pounce. And he essentially hand-delivered the group to police.
Rants and raves them in the bus - let them be at risk. What's this all about? The school bus system? THIS IS A RANT for the car thieves in Augusta: Have you ever thought of getting a car the honest way instead of going into people's yards and stealing...
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Police say car thefts everywhere

...O'Keefes are like many area families victimized by car thieves every year. Unaccustomed to crime in his peaceful Martinez...Investigator Hayes said. "Anything you can do to deter (car thieves) will help," he said. "They're going to get the...
Want a used car? Be sure it wasn't stolen

...cloning, which is essentially auto identity theft used by car thieves to unload stolen cars. According to the most track down and flag stolen cars. For this reason, car thieves will "clone" a stolen car's VIN to match that of...
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Across the area

...50; his wife, Linda, 58; and their daughter Holly, 16, were killed in the fire at 133 West Lynne Drive. Used-car thieves drove through gate Thieves who stole three vehicles from a used-car dealership on Gordon Highway last weekend apparently...
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States' thieves favor trucks

...of thieves - took the No. 1 spot in South Carolina but wasn't even in the top 10 in Georgia. While South Carolina car thieves targeted Fords - four out of 10 were Ford automobiles -Georgia's most stolen cars weren't limited to one make...
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And they're off! Retired race horses fight crime

...finding new careers fighting crime. Retired standardbreds and thoroughbreds have run downs hoodlums in Newark, thwarted car thieves in Richmond, Va., patrolled the streets of Omaha, Neb., and guarded the trails of some of the nation's most...
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