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Review: 'The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift'

...sequences initially look fresh but quickly grow repetitive as director Justin Lin presents scene after scene of sporty cars swerving around curves in such unison, it resembles synchronized swimming as much as racing. The vehicles have more personality...
Driver kills prone pedestrian

...pedestrians in the roadway should decrease their speed and proceed with caution, Cpl. Bell said. "If they see a car swerving, the first thing they can do is slow down," he said. "It could be the driver is having medical problems, a heart...
Across Georgia

...coming across the stalled car early Sunday. The driver of the Cavalier, a Villa Rica firefighter, had noticed several cars swerving around the stalled car, and so stopped to see whether anyone was in it, Atlanta Police spokeswoman Sylvia Abernathy...
Odds and Ends

...10-year-old at the wheel. "This," said Lt. Dave Haskins, "is a strange one." Officer Christina Abshire saw a car swerving and breaking erratically, going 5 mph. She followed the car, then pulled it over. As she walked over to the driver's...
XXX Bizarre

...perform 21 hours of community service. The plea stemmed from a Feb. 20 arrest when Tampa police said they saw Gooden's car swerving on an expressway and later found an open beer bottle in the automobile. Gooden was charged with intoxication, having...
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Overtime, and perform 21 hours of community service. Gooden was arrested on Feb. 20 when Tampa police said they saw his car swerving on an expressway and subsequently found an open beer bottle in his car. Gooden pitched 16 seasons for the New York...
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Across the area

...wearing a seat belt and was ejected, Aiken County Coroner Sue Townsend said. Witnesses told authorities they saw his car swerving before he lost control, and tests indicated he was intoxicated, Mrs. Townsend said. Mr. Faust's death was the...
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Women search for mother's remains

...with dark brown hair who comforted Mrs. Baughman, but does not remember why. She remembered her mother crying, her car swerving on the road to her father's house and feeling afraid, but she can't remember her mother's face in the car. Something...