Leaked memo from Michelle Nunn Senate campaign sets up attacks on Georgia Democrat

...simply the Nunn campaign predicting Republican lines of attack.McElhannon argued: "It won't matter whether that fairly represents what her consultants actually said. Everyone in this business is a used-car salesman to some degree."

South Georgia man admits killing wife, faking intruder attack

...will be eligible for parole in 30 years. He would begin serving the probation after his release.Courson, a used car salesman, had originally reported to the Appling County Sheriff's Office that two men wearing ski masks had broken into their...

Convicted Ga. wife killer changing plea

...Courson's family has visitation rights.Both families are well known and highly regarded in Baxley. Amanda Courson knew a lot of people through her hair salon while Kyle Courson knew a lot of people through his work as a car salesman.

William Patterson

...for transportation by serving as a liaison for car purchasing, subsequently becoming known as a "fair and square" car salesman, where his basic math teaching skills were an asset. Mr. Patterson was a member of and held leadership roles in many...

Union leader wears many hats

...said Wall, who worked for about a year at a dealership near Aiken. "I loved it, but the thing was when you're a car salesman, you might make $100 this week and $700 the next week. I just didn't like that inconsistency."In 1989, Wall...

S.C. senator accused of altering campaign documents

...who isn't a CPA or doesn't have their own treasurer and staff to keep up with things," Runyon said.A former car salesman, Ford's main job is being a senator. The salary is $10,400 a year, though mileage reimbursements and daily pay...

Editorial: The busted trust of 2013

...convince us of government's role as a cradle-to-grave protector looks more and more like a stereotypical used-car salesman coaxing us to buy a jalopy that's currently on fire.What do Americans want in 2014 and beyond? A government we...

Thomas Reese Jr.

...Edward Reese, Sr. He served in the Navy 4 years as a communication specialist during the Vietnam War and was a retired car salesman in Macon, Ga. Survivors include: daughter: Rindi Reese; step daughter: Teresa Mohs Fowler; sister: Amelia R...

An American wish list

...to cut spending. "But we may see more progress in a year or two."Says James Lenoir, 41, an Aberdeen, Miss., car salesman: "The economy is in a bad fix. Job creation is one of the most important things the country needs. There has been...

Jeff Gordon breaks barriers

By now just about everyone has seen the Test Drive video where Jeff Gordon shocks a car salesman with a tire-squealing, high-speed test drive.According to YouTube, the video has had more than 27 million views in the...