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American Suzuki president to attend Evans dealer grand opening

...redesign U.S. dealerships and aggressively target more American drivers. Although Suzuki Motor is Japan's No. 4 car producer, its market share in the United States is relatively small. The company sells nine times more cars in Japan than in...
Ratzenberger back for more animated fun

...Ratzenberger was growing up in Connecticut, his father was a truck driver. And early on during the production of "Cars," producer Darla Anderson asked Ratzenberger what kind of truck his dad drove. "I said, 'The Mack,'" Ratzenberger said...
Automaker donates robots to career center

...robotics; that is what we were told." Mr. Johnson said the students could make up to $28 an hour working for the car producer. Though he has worked with small robots, called robotic trainers, Mr. Johnson and his students will use trial and...
Sees reason U.S. car sales lagging

I read that the "big three" American car producers were again bemoaning sagging sales. I wonder why? Having decided to purchase a new car during 1988, and it being against my...
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