For AT&T, telephone only part of service

...added in the first quarter. These are primarily car manufacturers needing data connections for diagnostic systems and...roadside assistance. AT&T has partnerships with eight car manufacturers, including General Motors, Ford and BMW, and expects...

Scuttlebiz: Telephone companies should add layer of protection to block robocalls

...GOLF CARS: Hub magazine, published by the Technology Association of Georgia, honored both of Augusta's golf car manufacturers. Two executives are listed as leaders in automotive or transportation innovation.Club Car's vice president of...

Georgia lawmakers vote as deadline nears

...deregulate limos, taxis and car services such as Uber and Lyft, which applauded the move. GEORGIA-MADE CARS: Car manufacturers based in Georgia would be exempt from competitive bidding for state agencies' business under a bill backed by all...

Make-or-break day at Ga. Legislature

...before midnight. House lawmakers are expected to consider a bill expanding the number of locations where electric car manufacturer Tesla can sell directly to Georgians. The Senate calendar includes a bill creating a medical study of cannabis oil...

Changes abundant this year in NASCAR

...We judge it quite simply by lead changes, how close racing winning is, how many different winners, how each car manufacturer is able to have a fair shot at competing, and there's plenty of date to help us with that," France said. "And...

Excise tax is a bad idea

...many tough decisions ahead to lead Augusta to a brighter future ? but the imposition of an excise tax on energy should be eliminated from consideration.(The writer is president of the golf car manufacturer E-Z-GO in Augusta.)

Railroad industry fights to shape safety rules

...safety rules.Billions of dollars are riding on how these rules are written, and lobbyists from the railroads, tank car manufacturers and the oil, ethanol and chemical industries have met 13 times since March with officials at the White House and...

What Is It?

...the years went out."CANTON, GA.: David Anderson wrote: "Once again, I find myself longing for the modern car manufacturer bold enough to offer us consumers a product that will stand out from the crowd. Last week's What Is It? was certainly...

Letter: Vote liberals out of office

...European-style country. He has control of the people by making us dependent on the government for bank bailouts, car manufacturers' bailouts, health care, "un"-entitlements, various aid programs and the EBT cash card. Social Security is...

Obama administration drives ahead with new cleaner gas rule

...a car's pollution controls to effectively filter out emissions, resulting in cleaner air, the EPA says. For car manufacturers, stricter limits on tailpipe emissions will require engineering changes so that cars weed out more pollution.More...