Otis Screws Sr.

...as often as you can and to eat ice cream every day. He believed in treating his wife like a queen- always opening her car door, keeping her car filled with gas, and holding her hand when you are walking together. He enjoyed the simple things...

Beagle named Miss P wins best in show at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

...hotel while temperatures plummeted toward the single digits, Isabella had other ideas."We pulled up and opened the car door, she jumped out and then she jumped right back in," veterinarian Diane Voss said. "It's been hard for her."Same...

Woman robbed in Augusta Mall parking lot

...was in her vehicle looking at her phone near the Barnes & Noble entrance about 3 p.m. when someone jerked open her car door.She told police an unidentified man pulled up his shirt to show a gun in his waistband and then demanded her purse and...

Inventions are all around us

...actually, I did think of it first. My idea a few years ago was for us to install locks on our doors that operate like car door locks. As we near the door, we click a key chain fob that unlocks the door. Beep beep!In fact, I thought I wrote...

Girl dies after being dragged by coat caught in car door

CEDAR CITY, Utah -- A girl was killed Tuesday when her coat got caught in a car door and she was dragged for about three miles on rural roads. The girl, believed to be 7, was waiting for a school bus at a stop...

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Rik the police dog doesn't need help with car doors

Opening and closing a car door doesn't seem like such a big deal...to teach Rik to open and close the car door. "We first made Rik want to jump...dog he is aware of that can open a car door is Shilo, a patrol dog with the Richmond...

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Across Georgia

Woman, 24, trapped by car door dies Thursday LAWRENCEVILLE - A 24-year-old...killed when she was pinned between her car door and the car while attempting to swipe...said Jamie Melissa Coleman opened her car door Thursday to reach the card reader...

Across the area

...afternoon after authorities say she became pinned between her car door and a telephone pole. Shirley Harris, 65, of the 100...U-turn, causing Ms. Harris to become trapped between her car door and a telephone pole. There were no passengers in the...

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Reports of car break-ins rise

...break-ins. On March 14, the Martinez resident who lives on Padrick Street learned that with just the right bait - a car door left unlocked and a display of music compact discs on a car's front seat - anyone can become a victim. "My wife's...

Cars need bright drivers in rain

...any other setting, intelligent people. Because they are driving, though, they will have checked their brains at the car door. I can spot them very easily. They will be the ones driving in the rain with their headlights turned off. There's...

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