Even after 100 years, town debates what to do with memories of lynching

...Interstate 75 is notable only for its lack of notability. Stopping here, Rabbi Steven Lebow leaves the engine running and car door open.Ever since the South Florida native came to this Atlanta suburb three decades ago, the tale of murder and vengeance...

Critics vocal about proposed stormwater fee as series of public meetings begin

...appeared on her property tax bill without any warning.On four streets in her area, rainwater rises to the level of car doors during downpours. Byne said the fee would address it, including "people driving through every week checking those drains...

Otis Screws Sr.

...as often as you can and to eat ice cream every day. He believed in treating his wife like a queen- always opening her car door, keeping her car filled with gas, and holding her hand when you are walking together. He enjoyed the simple things...

Beagle named Miss P wins best in show at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

...hotel while temperatures plummeted toward the single digits, Isabella had other ideas."We pulled up and opened the car door, she jumped out and then she jumped right back in," veterinarian Diane Voss said. "It's been hard for her."Same...

Carmakers sign on to principles to protect motorists' privacy in an era of computerized cars

...Consumers benefit from alerts sent by automakers about traffic conditions and concierge services that are able to unlock car doors and route drivers around the path of a storm.The automakers' principles leave open the possibility of deals with advertisers...

Inventions are all around us

...actually, I did think of it first. My idea a few years ago was for us to install locks on our doors that operate like car door locks. As we near the door, we click a key chain fob that unlocks the door. Beep beep!In fact, I thought I wrote...

IMF leader says women vital for global recovery

...directors.They also are beginning to take women's ideas into consideration in product development, such as making car doors open wider to accommodate women holding children, or laptop computers easy to open without damaging a manicure, Abe...

Woman robbed in Augusta Mall parking lot

...was in her vehicle looking at her phone near the Barnes & Noble entrance about 3 p.m. when someone jerked open her car door.She told police an unidentified man pulled up his shirt to show a gun in his waistband and then demanded her purse and...

Gardening challenge lies between the sidewalk and street

...ground is hard-packed, and plants can be crushed underfoot. Rocks might add character to the landscape but will dent car doors if placed too near the curb. Tall, dense foliage can be a traffic hazard, preventing passing motorists from seeing pets...

Motorists asked to avoid Florida Georgia Line concert traffic

...off-duty GRU public safety officers to patrol the Summerville and Health Sciences campuses.Patrons are asked to keep car doors locked and to avoid leaving valuables in plain view while leaving their vehicles unattended.