IMF leader says women vital for global recovery

...directors.They also are beginning to take women's ideas into consideration in product development, such as making car doors open wider to accommodate women holding children, or laptop computers easy to open without damaging a manicure, Abe...

Honda Accord tops list of stolen vehicles in 2013

...cars is easy to explain: Newer cars are harder to steal."In the old days, all you had to have was a jimmy to open a car door and then you would get in to hot wire a car," she said. "That doesn't work anymore. You have to be pretty sophisticated...

Bernard Mason: Doc's hands haven't lost their touch

...billboard advertising a roadside zoo up ahead. As soon as the station wagon pulled into the zoo's parking lot, my car door opened wide and I dashed toward the elephant's cage that beckoned beside the entrance.The elephant's trunk was...

Gardening challenge lies between the sidewalk and street

...ground is hard-packed, and plants can be crushed underfoot. Rocks might add character to the landscape but will dent car doors if placed too near the curb. Tall, dense foliage can be a traffic hazard, preventing passing motorists from seeing pets...

Motorists asked to avoid Florida Georgia Line concert traffic

...off-duty GRU public safety officers to patrol the Summerville and Health Sciences campuses.Patrons are asked to keep car doors locked and to avoid leaving valuables in plain view while leaving their vehicles unattended.

How embarrassing is your driving?

...percent of the survey's drivers have pulled that bonehead maneuver, but I don't have a purse.? Tried to open a car door and realized it wasn't my car: Nope.? Couldn't back out of a parking spot because other cars or objects were too close...

Soldier gets life sentence in Ga. militia slayings

...Thursday that he shot a teenage girl twice in the head because he thought he saw "the glint of a gun" as she opened her car door. Sgt. Anthony Peden, 28, was sentenced to life in prison nearly a month after he pleaded guilty to murder charges...

Scott rebuilt whole approach with winning majors in mind

...drowning out there."Many factors contributed to his professional free fall ? a broken hand that got smashed in a car door before the U.S. Open; a break-up with his longtime girlfriend, Marie Kojzar; a "mystery illness" that...

Motorist flagged down, robbed

...the man she was uncomfortable giving a ride to a stranger. She was trying to drive away when the man tried to open her car door. The man then pulled out a handgun, pointed it at her and demanded money.The woman told deputies the man ran away...

Man accused of causing Georgia Regents University public safety officer to shock himself

...testified Tuesday said they were trained to use the stun gun but it wasn't working on Gibbons because he wouldn't open the car door. Martin denied knowing that the stun gun incapacitates a target so that he cannot control his limbs.Martin said Gibbons...