South Georgia cancer 'cluster' can't be confirmed

...months of one another this summer.The cancers revived fears in the community that there...that the four cases were confirmed as cancers, but that because they were in different...clustered together."None of the four cancers have known environmental causes...

Two are named Man and Woman of the Year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

...eradicate diseases that touched both of their lives.Sterner has lost five family members, including her grandmother, to blood cancers. Carraway's son was diagnosed with lymphoma at 14. He is now 26 and considered cured."So when I was asked, I couldn't...

Brick by brick, help build a generous community

...their own.Groundbreaking research and innovative clinical trials are being conducted that target not only cancer, but those cancers and treatments specific to the youngest and often most vulnerable patients. It is important, challenging and expensive work...

Jimmy Carter 'at ease,' ready for radiation treatment

...develops first in the skin. He also said that the rest of his body will be scanned repeatedly for months to come and that more cancers may show up elsewhere. The cancer spots on his brain are about 2 millimeters in size.His father, brother and two sisters...

Childhood cancers up, but deaths down

...In its most comprehensive look at the cancers that most commonly affect youths, the...driven by some blood and lymphatic system cancers, including acute lymphocytic leukemia...seen in many of the most common childhood cancers, including blood and lymphatic cancers...

Thick mixture injected into cancers helps kill tumors

...throat, but it might also work against cancers in the liver and recurrences of breast...releases a drug is used to treat some brain cancers. Garewal described another solution Monday...of whom had so-called head and neck cancers, which produce tumors inside the mouth...

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Bioengineered mice resistant to certain breast cancers

...protein linked to half of all human breast cancers. The bioengineered mice lack that protein...are dramatic proof that certain breast cancers can occur only when the protein is present...abnormally high amounts in half of human breast cancers, it has become the focus of much scientific...

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Doctors often miss cancers, study finds

...missed or misdiagnosed 44 percent of the cancers that were found during autopsies. When...autopsies. One hundred eleven of these cancers (44 percent), present in 100 patients...death. Doctors had failed to diagnose 103 cancers before death, although they had suspected...

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'Fat cancers' also hitting developing nations

ATLANTA - "Fat cancers" usually associated with wealthy countries...higher risk for many so-called "fat cancers," including breast and colon cancer...reducing the risk of breast and colon cancers. Some scientists think increased levels...

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More getting HPV shots in Georgia and US, but CDC says not enough

...Daron Fer ris sees the ravages of human papillomavirus infections in cancers and precancerous lesions in young women."Almost everybody we...chance to blanket the country with protection from HPV-associated cancers," Schuchat said.