Pavey: Getting to fishing spot on the Savannah River is worth the effort

There is something truly irresistible about the segment of the Savannah River upstream from the Augusta Canal headgates.For starters, it's almost impossible to get to, which appeals to anglers seeking solitude and unfished waters.The island-studded...

Photos mirror images taken centuries ago

...Branch, the river bluffs in North Augusta, Phinizy Swamp Nature Park ? and perhaps most important, at the Augusta Canal headgates, which were built in 1845 and enlarged 30 years later.Modeled after a network of locks and canals that propelled...

Passing by young bucks and allowing them to grow to maturity pays off with more big bucks

...goes to the state's general fund. CANAL TROUT: If you noticed a group of cold but excited kids near the Augusta Canal headgates Tuesday, it was the latest project in an ongoing effort to determine if the city's famous man-made waterway could...

Access to canal area being evaluated

Safety buoys placed in the Savannah River above the Augusta Canal headgates last week are part of a plan to restore canoe and kayak access to a scenic area otherwise bounded by private land."We've added...

Paddling on Savannah River takes center stage in September

...held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 7, with a course from Savannah Rapids Pavilion at the Augusta Canal headgates to the North Augusta boat ramp downstream.The area to be paddled includes the river's last remaining shoals that...

Augusta man drowns while kayaking

...two companions launched their kayaks in the river Saturday afternoon below Savannah Rapids Pavil ion and the Augusta Canal headgates.As they traveled downstream through the shoals, Taylor became separated from his companions, who were experienced...

Where you live

Ryan Riddle walks atop the Augusta Canal headgates with his fishing pole, looking for a place to drop his line.

Safety enhancements planned at canal headgates

The Augusta Utilities Department is planning a series of safety enhancements at the canal headgates area in response to a May incident in which three kayakers were swept through the canal's intake structure.In addition to warning...

Drought's impact persists into fall and winter

...Georgia's extension office in Richmond County."I was leading a fall foliage walk last weekend at the Augusta Canal headgates, and we were pointing things out, mainly dead pine trees," he said.Drought doesn't instantly kill trees, but...

Kayaker injured in rapids accident

Three kayakers survived being sucked through the Augusta Canal Headgates on Tuesday afternoon.Three kayaks ? an instructor and a husband and wife ? were paddling near Savannah Rapids Pavilion when...