Camels, other animals play big role in Nativity

...for people to ride the camels, an added incentive...rode Eudora Farms' camel, Bubba, down the aisle...takes llamas instead of camels. When she unloads...oooooo, look at that camel.' It's mostly kids...Nativity assume they are camels." Graystone Ranch started...

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Jitterbugs to catfish to camels - postcards have it all

...Rod's pond!" Nell Osterman of Martinez sends "greeting to Augusta" from Saudi Arabia. "It's a long way from home but the camels travel pretty fast! No bacon here, but plenty of mutton burgers." You probably won't find many mutton burgers in Columbia...

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Joe Camel unable to get out from under Marlboro Man

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Joe Camel battled for a decade to get...the ad campaign took hold, Camel sales among young smokers climbed...percentage of adolescents buying Camels increased 64 percent. However...the underage smokers in 1993. Camel was second, chosen by 13...

R.J. Reynolds kills Joe Camel

CHARLOTTE (AP) - Joe Camel, the cigarette-hawking cartoon character...a straight-forward illustration of a camel that has been on the pack for generations...spokesman Nat Walker suggested the Joe Camel campaign simply had run its course...

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FTC charges RJR's Joe Camel with unfair advertising

...advertising practices, alleging that its Joe Camel campaign targets children. The agency...administrative trial. It has staunchly defended Joe Camel, the "cool" cartoon character in his...available when the FTC initially exonerated Joe Camel three years ago. "Joe Camel has become...

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Camel cheese could enrich Sahara Desert herder

...Herd boys tug at camels' udders, loosing the...If foreigners bite, camel cheese exports could...as the world's only camel cheese factory. Nancy...the milk and cheese of camels - animals more associated...fresh milk. And I love camel's milk; it's exquisite...

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White House and schoolhouse still have Joe Camel to kick around

...who he is. "Joe Camel was the single most...Tobacco Co., maker of Camels, has always denied...this: What a dumb camel. "He's cool-looking...most, followed by Camels or "Joe Camels...asked one. "Camels can't light a match...nothing to do with Joe Camel." Gingrich said...

Thriller fans would walk a mile for 'Camel Club'

"The Camel Club." David Baldacci. Warner Books. 438 Pages. $26...attention from beginning to end, then David Baldacci's "The Camel Club" is the book for you. "The Camel Club" is set in Washington, D.C., the scene of the author's...

Camel committee at work

To paraphrase an old saw: "A camel is a horse no one likes to ride designed by a committee." In an...New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer has proposed a three-pronged "camel" solution to the Real ID problem that makes everyone unhappy...

RJR Nabisco is getting out of the cigarette business

NEW YORK -- RJR Nabisco Holdings Corp., the food-and-tobacco conglomerate whose brands include Camels and Winstons, Oreo cookies and Ritz crackers, is getting out of the cigarette business. RJR said Tuesday it will sell its international...