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Historic food Just in time for the holidays, Cambridge University Press has issued a two-volume set, The Cambridge World History of Food. The 2,000-page work includes anecdotes about foods...

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Microsoft research center to be created in Britain (London)

...basic computer-science research. The $80 million investment, announced Tuesday, will be a collaboration with Cambridge University, where computer expertise and entrepreneurial spinoffs already have spawned some 300 companies in the region...

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Jean Scott

...She continued her undergraduate studies in Baltimore at Morgan State University and completed her Masters at Cambridge University. She was a member of Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church. She was a Teacher in the Baltimore School System before...

Maria Borisovna Tolstykh - Thomas Cashin Folk

...Rolls-Royce Corporation in Indianapolis, Ind., as a Turbine Aerodynamicist Engineer. She is currently a student at Cambridge University in pursuit of her Doctorate in Aerodynamics Engineering. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James Cashin Folk...

Innovative new oral immunotherapy is promising for getting rid of allergies

...reaction is reduced.In the largest such trial for peanut allergies, Dr. Katherine Anagnostou and colleagues at Cambridge University Hospitals in England tested oral immunotherapy in 99 children age 7-16 years who had mild and severe reactions...

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...Carols at 7:30 p.m. Dec. 10.The event will be based on the traditional service at King's College Chapel at Cambridge University, England.It will be performed by The Augusta Collegium Musicum and will feature the Augusta Children's Chorale...

Study involving mice suggests mother's diet may influence babies' life span

...Experiments with mice suggest that life span may be related to what your mother ate during pregnancy. The new study at Cambridge University in England shows that pregnant mice fed a well-balanced diet had babies that lived longer, healthier lives...

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Science is about open-minded inquiry

...Darwin came up with his theory of evolution, he did not discard his religious beliefs. He had graduated from Cambridge University in England as an ordained minister. In his book, he announced his amazement at God's creation. He saw no conflict...

Study: No evidence to link magnetic fields, childhood cancer

...the home or power lines. The study, led by a Cambridge University scientist, is the largest ever undertaken into...birthday. The researchers, led by Nick Day of Cambridge University, measured the level of magnetic emissions from...

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Conservationists warn that many primate species could vanish immediately

...scientists astonished and angry. "It's all been happening at a time when we knew better," said David Chivers, a Cambridge University gibbon expert who has chased the world's smallest ape through treetops from the Himalayas to the islands of Indochina...

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