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THE FACTS: North Augusta High School junior Chrissy Duke, 16, and her sister Corri, 9, a fourth-grader at Belvedere Elementary. THE OUTFITS: Chrissy: Old Navy overalls, $35; Gap T-shirt, a gift from her friend Amanda; and Timberland hiking boots, $85. Corri: Calvin Klein overalls, $29 from a Calvin Klein outlet; Calvin Klein T-shirt, $15 from Rich's; Hi-Tec boots, $49. FASHION STATEMENT: Corri likes her Calvin Klein overalls because they're cute. Chrissy likes hers -- from Old Navy -- because they're comfortable.
Xtreme | North Augusta High School
Xtreme style

THE FACTS: Gabby Palacios, 17, senior at South Aiken High School. THE OUTFIT: Calvin Klein T-shirt ($28, Rich's); Lee jeans ($24, Belk's); black shoes ($20, J.C. Penny's). THE STYLE: A white T-shirt...
Xtreme | South Aiken High School