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WiMAX kicks up Internet powers

...Internet video and even TV. Industry analysts speculate that if WiMAX takes off, it could bring high-speed service to millions of people who do no have access to, or can't afford, traditional broadband service such as DSL and cable modem.
Middle class jumps on broadband as price falls

...Research said DSL has now overtaken cable modems in popularity among middle-income households, though cable modems still make up the majority of home...that figure probably underreported cable modems slightly. Leichtman said that...
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...dinosaur exhibit in the Knox Gallery at Fort Discovery opens to the public today and will run through Oct. 30. (DSL or cable modem, Windows Media Player). // (The above three lines should be joined as one line. // They have been split for formatting...
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Agency looks at DSL service is trying to compete with the growing use of cable modems in Internet connections. "The issue we need to focus...high-speed Internet access, while 407,000 used cable modems, according to the Federal Communications Commission...
Cruise industry embracing technology that may soon bring cell phones to ships

...passengers at 128 to 256 kilobits per second, faster than dial-up but below broadband connections such as DSL and cable modems. Passengers can Web surf in designated Internet cafes, and many ships have wireless access points at spots around...
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Qwest becomes first Bell to offer residential voice over IP service

...using a special phone or a regular phone connected to an adaptor device. The phone or adaptor is connected to a DSL or cable modem at the customer's home. In a traditional phone call, calls are converted to electronic signals that traverse an...
Source: AOL plans no-frills Internet service

...dial-up services like those offered by United Online Inc. and Earthlink Inc., but also to much faster DSL and cable-modem services that in some cases have fallen below $30 a month because of competition. Mark Goldston, the head of United...
G4 looks to build on strong first year as video game channel Comcast hopes G4 will building interest in online gaming, which in turn could stimulate demand for high-speed cable modem service. Profits from that source could far outweigh G4's advertising revenue, said Matthew Harrigan, an analyst...
Across the area

...Remington 1100 and a 12-gauge shotgun, worth a total of $600, had been taken, and two Civil War knives worth $200 were missing. Mr. Smith said a PlayStation 2, games, a computer, a DVD player and a cable modem also were missing.
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Sims Online may appeal to social climbers

...could still have lots of potential. Updating is occurring. Problem is, the update downloads can be big. With my cable modem, it was a mild annoyance, but I can't fathom how people with far slower phone connections can bear it. The Sims...
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