Photos give glimpse into Stevens Creek Dam's history

...workers who garnered national attention by completing the project in just two years."They had their own houses out here, a butcher shop, doctor's office, sawmills, cement factories ? everything they needed was brought in," he said.Throughout his...

Rants & Raves

...WORLD are people without children hired to supervise teachers in charge of children? That's like hiring a vegetarian to be a butcher. Not smart. I'M NOT A WARRIOR. Korean, Vietnam veterans don't care about this label. I served 40 years in federal...

Airport screener fails to spot passenger's butcher knife

...International Airport failed to spot a butcher knife in a passenger's pocketbook and...said to me, 'Oh my God, I have this butcher knife in my pocketbook,'" Bell Gowens...Gowens said. "Come on, now. We had a butcher knife. How do you miss that? How many...

XXX Bizarre
Kyra Michelle Butcher

Eric and Taryn Butcher, of Martinez, are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter, Kyra Michelle, born January 30, 2006, at St. Joseph Hospital in Augusta.

A flavor out of favor: Dog meat fades in South Korea

...supply dog meat to diners say its consumption is in decline.Butcher Shin Jang-gun who supplies dog cuts to restaurants said the...only dog meat for several decades. After Shin inherited the butcher shop in southern Seoul in 2002, he added goat meat to offset...

Megan Lee Baldowski - Eric Wade Hutto

...and the late Mr. and Mrs. Ligon Hutto of Neeses, S.C. He attended Newberry College. Eric is co-owner of The Ole Edgefield Butcher Shop. Baldowski - Hutto Mr. Hutto and Miss Baldowski

Buying It for Life Versus Buying Ultra-Cheap

...buy an item that you intend to use for the rest of your life, only to find that it's a high-maintenance item (like a butcher-block cutting board), you may find that the time invested isn't worth it.Does It Make a Sensible Gift? Many of my...

Herman Keiser, 1946: Champion wins against all odds

...from Alzheimer's disease in 2000, when this article was first published. This diary was compiled by his daughter, Diane Butcher.They like to say my dad was an underdog when he won in 1946, but we all know he was a pretty good player. He won the Miami...

Does this ring true?

If you lost a cherished piece of jewelry, whom would you want to find it ? a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker or a lawyer?Most likely the lawyer. Jokes about the law profession notwithstanding, the best lawyers...

Ramblin' Rhodes: Waldon offers new voice singing about small towns

...Buck Owens from Sherman, Texas; Merle Haggard from Oildale, Calif.; Bill Monroe from Rosine, Ky.; Loretta Lynn from Butcher Hollow, Ky.; Tammy Wynette from Bounds, Miss.; and Hank Williams from Georgiana, Ala.Current songs about small towns...