Town bans live poultry in residential area

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa -- Backyard butchers and some noisy chickens have led officials in this central Iowa town to ban live poultry in residential areas. "Some people were...

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China thoughts

While this newspaper opposed President Clinton's journey to China to shake hands with the Communist butchers of Tiananmen Square, we hasten to say that some good came from the trip. In appearances with dictator Jiang Zemin, Clinton articulated...

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New York Butcher Shoppe returns to Surrey Center

A butcher shop set to open this fall in Surrey Center...upper level of Surrey Center, New York Butcher Shoppe will open again in the shopping center...e-mail or call to inquire if the New York Butcher Shoppe will reopen.The New York Butcher...

The city of Chicago celebrates Cubs' NL Division Series victory

...concludes. ANGELS: Pitching coach Mike Butcher and hitting coach Don Baylor will not...in 2014.In the team's statement, Butcher said he had talked at length with team...this might be a good time for change," Butcher said. "Billy is an impressive individual...

Quick pitch is hot World Series topic

...9.0 rating and a 17 share, DIAMONDBACKS: Have hired Mike Butcher as their pitching coach.He replaces Mike Harkey, who was fired earlier this month.The 50-year-old Butcher spent the past nine seasons as pitching coach for the Los Angeles...

More want local beef, but fewer want tough job of cutting it

...is surging as never before, but the butchers who for generations have prepared and...a dwindling profession.Thousands of butchers are approaching retirement age across...the gap between demand for meat and butchers to process it may only grow.An analysis...

Extreme makeover

If asked, many Westerners would say the face of Islam looks a lot like "Jihadi John," one of the masked ISIS butchers who recently was identified as a Kuwait-born Briton reared in a posh London neighborhood.Of course, if more of the world's...

Science proves men lose their heads over high heels

...researcher. "Simply put, they make women more beautiful." Raised shoes have an unglamorous beginning: worn first by Egyptian butchers who donned platforms to avoid treading in bloody offal.But as "signifiers of femininity," raised shoes initially appeared...

Airport screener fails to spot passenger's butcher knife

...International Airport failed to spot a butcher knife in a passenger's pocketbook and...said to me, 'Oh my God, I have this butcher knife in my pocketbook,'" Bell Gowens...Gowens said. "Come on, now. We had a butcher knife. How do you miss that? How many...

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Kyra Michelle Butcher

Eric and Taryn Butcher, of Martinez, are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter, Kyra Michelle, born January 30, 2006, at St. Joseph Hospital in Augusta.