Augusta man dies by lethal injection

...across Willean Hall, 36, and Leroy Linwood, 30, parked near Bush Field airport. Mr. Linwood was shot and thrown into a truck...54, was kidnapped from Beech Island and taken to the end of a Bush Field runway. Mr. High, Mr. Morgan and Mr. Ruffin blindfolded...

Augusta Regional Airport - Bush Field | The Augusta Chronicle

...2013 By Tim Rausch | Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013 By Meg Mirshak | Thursday, Oct. 31, 2013 Augusta Regional Airport - Bush Field An open house to gather input on Augusta Regional Airport's master plan update is Wednesday. Moments after exiting...

The infection has spread

...National Institutes of Health.The reality is that public-health spending mushroomed under Republican President George W. Bush, and any agency cuts occurring under Obama have been bipartisan efforts. That's why The Washington Post's Fact Checker...

Martinez couple completes 6-month journey on Appalachian Trail

...there were other creatures, too.Smith recalls stopping to take a photo of a beautiful flower when she heard a rustling in the bushes behind her. When her eyes finally adjusted, she realized she stood nose to nose with a black bear. A few days later, she...

Bush keeps Bulldogs winless

...SILVER BLUFF 24PETTICOAT JUNCTION - Devin Bush personally led Ridgeland-Hardeeville to victory, keeping Silver Bluff winless.Bush scored on a pair of kickoff returns and scored...6 7 13 0 ? 26First QuarterR?Devin Bush 80 kickoff return (kick failed), 11:50...

New tax is unnecessary

Now is not the time for a 1 percent increase in our sales tax, which I think actually is much higher.

Mary Grant

Bush s Floral Designer AUGUSTA, Ga. - Funeral service For Ms. Mary Lou Grant will be held Saturday at 3:15 P.M. at Mt. Olive...

Kristian Bush adds own voice to songwriting skills

...Girl.Her Sugarland partner, Kristian Bush, was far less set on a plan. So he did...created a problem."It's crazy," Bush said. "I mean, it's usually like one...other day. I didn't know what to do."Bush will be the headline act for the 21st annual...

DC 6th-graders assigned to compare Hitler, Bush

...them to draw comparisons between former President George W. Bush and Adolph Hitler. D.C. Public Schools says the McKinley...a Venn diagram asking them to compare and contrast Hitler and Bush, with instructions that said, "both men abused their powers...

Plants, fences obstructing views are threat to motorists

...tall or short. It can be living or inanimate. From trees to bushes to signs to fences, it's whatever obstructs the view of oncoming...ordinance, with states that "no construction, fence, hedge, bushes or other obstruction to a clear view" exceeding 3 feet in height...