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Fake bills piling up at local stores

Three weeks into the new year have yielded at least six cases of counterfeit bills reported to Richmond County sheriff's investigators.
Abe to get color makeover on the $5 bill

WASHINGTON - Honest Abe is going to be more colorful after all.
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Just in time for spring - a more colorful $10 bill

WASHINGTON - Just in time for spring, the government infused a little color into the $10-bill Thursday.
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$10 bill gets orange, yellow and red makeover

WASHINGTON - Hooray for the red, yellow and orange! Those are the colors featured on the newly redesigned $10 bill, the third currency denomination to add splashes of color to the traditional green of U.S. currency.
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Being Green

With apologies to Kermit, it's easy being green this time of year in Augusta.
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Technology blocks duplication of new $50 bill

WASHINGTON - The U.S. government will offer over the Internet low-quality images of its new $50 bill for artists, students and others who discover that their computers, scanners or printers won't allow them to view or copy pictures of the new currency.
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It's a tough life for the greenback, but can it survive?

WASHINGTON -- Andrew Wilson throws his own special load of laundry into the wash: eight white cotton terry towels, 2 1/3 ounces of powdered laundry detergent - and 25 crisp U.S. greenbacks.
Colorized greenback will replace $20 bill

WASHINGTON -- The first of America's greenbacks to be colorized - the $20 note sporting splashes of peach, blue and yellow - will start appearing next month in cash registers, ATM machines and wallets.
Don't worry about anthrax on money

WASHINGTON - While anthrax in the mail has infected postal workers in Washington, D.C., and several other spots along the East Coast, health experts say the chances of the bacteria causing a widespread outbreak through other circulated material, such as money, is slim. While the spores might be hardy enough to survive the mails, they are not small enough to engrain into the paper of dollar bills and survive being passed from transaction to transaction, health officials say.
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Odds and ends

PAINESVILLE, Ohio -- A young man convicted of disorderly conduct for blasting his car stereo was sentenced to three hours of silence. Kenyata Reid, 22, served the sentence Tuesday, when a park ranger dropped him off more than a mile inside a forested stretch of parkland about 25 miles northeast of Cleveland. Reid had gotten in hot water by blasting his car stereo in front of a police officer. Municipal Judge Michael Cicconetti offered Reid a choice: two days in jail or three hours alone in the woods.
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