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Augusta Symphony will get jazzy will feature the orchestra backing the John Pizzarelli Trio. Guitarist John Pizzarelli, son of jazz legend Bucky Pizzarelli, has made a name for himself through his original music and his interpretations of music by acts as diverse as the...
Les Paul keeps rocking at age 90

...Carnegie Hall for a JVC Jazz Festival 90th birthday tribute concert. More than a dozen guitarists - from jazz veterans Bucky Pizzarelli and Pat Martino to rockers Frampton and Steve Miller - performed separately and then crowded the stage to join Paul...
Old jazz inspired guitarist Singer

...The way he (Cole) sang ... inspired me to do what I do," said Mr. Pizzarelli. The son of jazz guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli, Mr. Pizzarelli has been playing guitar since childhood. He counts his father's friend, Les Paul, and Pat...
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