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Did NSA plant spyware in computers around world?

...Foreign customers could become more leery of U.S. tech products if they're suspected of being used for spying. And other hackers may be able to exploit the same vulnerabilities, said cybersecurity expert and author Bruce Schneier.
Minimize the bleeding

...e-commerce sites, social media and email."On a scale of one to 10, this is an 11," cryptography expert Bruce Schneier blogged at Schneier on Security.Basically, if you can see the familiar padlock image in the site's address bar...
Good question

...They say you can also disconnect the cable or digital-subscriber line modem that connects you to the Internet. Bruce Schneier, chief technical officer of Counterpane Internet Security Inc. said there is another important step you can take...
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Should a license be required to go online?

...complicated. "It could be a four-year college degree, a one-month course. It might be a good idea," said Bruce Schneier, chief technology officer for Counterpane Internet Security Inc. Or it might be a bad idea. "The downside is everybody...
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Caution raised about e-mail reliability as usage grows

...guarantee it will actually get read. "If I knew it was important ... I would probably call you" as well, said Bruce Schneier, chief technical officer at Counterpane Internet Security.
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Hacker's changes display Web danger

...whatever they like," Ladopoulos said. "Once content gets out on the Internet, it's pretty hard to retract that." Bruce Schneier, chief technology officer at Counterpane Internet Security in Cupertino, said he expects a new wave of such incidents...
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Questions raised about scanners for screening airport workers

...photographs of terrorists. "Terrorists don't pose for really good pictures," said security technology expert Bruce Schneier. Thus far, none of Imaging Automation's clients uses the biometric features. Imaging Automation's document...
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Microsoft will provide free antispyware software

...battle, but (security companies) have been expecting this to come for a while and they're prepared for it," said Bruce Schneier, founder and chief technology officer of Counterpane Internet Security Inc. Vincent Gulloto, vice president of...
Computer security experts lament laggardly pace of patches

...discourage larger corporations from allowing automated updates. Rather, they say, companies should test patches first. Bruce Schneier, chief technology officer with Counterpane Internet Security Inc., said home users are less likely to have problems...
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Industry lobbying removes parts of cybersecurity plan

...dollars and industry contributions to pay for Internet security enhancements, the latest draft shows. Security expert Bruce Schneier said the White House won't be able to convince companies that expensive security enhancements are worth it when...
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