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Resolved: I will do something around the house

...second chance. Resolve to do something around the house, like tightening loose screws in a door hinge or fixing that broken chair leg, or putting up shelves or maybe adding a dimmer switch. If you feel a bit more energetic, build a bookcase or...
Life & style
Gardeners name plants lovingly

...that's the Linda one." Mrs. Christine creates special "garden rooms" with items she finds at thrift stores. Using a broken chair from a thrift store, a mirror she found by a trash can up the street and some purple paint, she and Rebecca created...
Candy bars, hot dogs and dirty dishes in Saddam's hideaway

...appeared to serve as a latrine. The yard was littered with garbage, plastic bags, empty bottles, rotten fruit and a broken chair. Troops had found a white cloth concealing the underground room Saddam was in. Beneath the cloth was a piece of plastic...