Atlantic Broadband offers free Wi-Fi in downtown Aiken

Atlantic Broadband announced Wednesday that its free high...Mbps.The service is part of Atlantic Broadband's $4.5 million "FastForward Aiken...that it is finally here."Atlantic Broadband is a subsidiary of Cogeco Cable Inc...

Ralph Roberts, founder of cable giant Comcast, dies at 95

...legacy."The company became the country's largest cable TV operator, with 22 million customers, when it bought AT&T Broadband, the telephone company's cable systems, in 2002.Roberts stayed CEO of Comcast until 2002, when he was 82, before ceding...

AT&T fined $100 million for throttling customers given 'unlimited' data; company vows to fight

...FCC enforcement bureau chief. "As today's action demonstrates, the commission is committed to holding accountable those broadband providers who fail to be fully transparent about data limits."The hefty fine by the FCC comes on the heels of a federal...

Comcast now has more Internet than cable customers

...said during an earnings call Monday.Broadband subscribers surpassed cable this quarter...more than half of the country's broadband subscribers under the government's definition of minimum broadband speed. The government worried that...

Broadband growth changes lifestyles online and off

...could say Mark Suhre is a believer in broadband. When he built his five-bedroom...off, have been transformed by their broadband connection. As prices dropped over the past year, broadband use at home has surpassed that of dial-up...

Broadband technology makes Internet services immediately available

Broadband. If you are like many people, you recognize...single line. "In the simplest term, broadband is a high-speed digital pipe over which...Telecom, which specializes in providing broadband services to small and medium-size businesses...

Broadband revolution slowed by recession

The broadband revolution, which was to bring blazing-fast...medium-size businesses are finding broadband something they can't live without...don't think consumers will stop buying broadband." Michael Lauricella, another Yankee...

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Should I get broadband Internet service?

Should I get broadband Internet service? Q. I'm not someone...it still worth getting a high-speed broadband Internet service? A. With prices coming...Internet users now connect at home via broadband. Wouldn't you like to be in the majority...

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FCC to unveil national broadband plan

...sweeping proposal to overhaul U.S. broadband policy that is being unveiled today...guide the government's strategy on broadband for the next decade and beyond. It reflects...applications in other countries that have faster broadband speeds at lower prices.Yet it's not...

$103 million fed grant to expand broadband Internet access

...million in federal funding to help expand broadband Internet access to those areas of rural...most remote pockets of the U.S. with broadband internet, hoping to improve economic...areas' future depends upon access to broadband and we're not where we need to be today...