Net losses?

...If you're really concerned about pricing, you should know that reclassifying ISPs as "common carriers" would expose broadband services to utility-style state and local taxes, effectively increasing your Internet costs.In case you forgot how much...

Georgia Chamber President and CEO Chris Clark urges business leaders to look within state borders

...including bills that make a sales tax exemption permanent for aviation repair and maintenance and modify and streamline broadband infrastructure.Clark applauded the use of state and federal funds put toward deepening the Savannah Port and Georgia legislators...

AT&T to expand wireless, wired broadband reach

...becoming more competitive with cable for broadband service under a new $14 billion investment...T is struggling to compete with cable broadband in much of its service area, because regular "DSL" broadband is now much slower than what cable companies...

New broadband system brings speed to Columbia County communications

...in September, Columbia County's new broadband system has been powered up and active. In the weeks since, Columbia County's broadband manager, Lewis Foster, and his staff...lease bandwidth and tie into the county broadband, connecting private and commercial users...

Schools will tap into broadband network

...county's schools soon will be wired into Columbia County's new broadband utility, as will several other customers approved Tuesday...Part of the justification for the federal grant was improved broadband access to rural areas of the county."Back when I was with...

Columbia Commission begins setting broadband fees

Customers soon will be able to access Columbia County's new broadband network after commission members began setting up fees.Commissioners unanimously approved first reading of the fee schedule during...

Broadband growth changes lifestyles online and off

...could say Mark Suhre is a believer in broadband. When he built his five-bedroom...off, have been transformed by their broadband connection. As prices dropped over the past year, broadband use at home has surpassed that of dial-up...

Broadband technology makes Internet services immediately available

Broadband. If you are like many people, you recognize...single line. "In the simplest term, broadband is a high-speed digital pipe over which...Telecom, which specializes in providing broadband services to small and medium-size businesses...

Broadband revolution slowed by recession

The broadband revolution, which was to bring blazing-fast...medium-size businesses are finding broadband something they can't live without...don't think consumers will stop buying broadband." Michael Lauricella, another Yankee...

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Should I get broadband Internet service?

Should I get broadband Internet service? Q. I'm not someone...it still worth getting a high-speed broadband Internet service? A. With prices coming...Internet users now connect at home via broadband. Wouldn't you like to be in the majority...

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