Harnessing awesome power of thank-yous has far-reaching benefits

...pilot. He was short and dumpy. Folks thought he looked like the goofy cartoon character Mr. Magoo. Yet, with great success, Brig. Gen. Kyler commanded the 36th Tactical Fighter Wing at Bitburg, Germany, for four years. In the 67-year history of the...

Widow of Montford Point Marine receives his Congressional Gold Medal

...George Jackson of Beaufort now share a special bond. Both men have been awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. On Thursday, Brig. Gen. Terry Williams presented Jackson's posthumous medal to his wife, Ella, 93, at Helena Place Senior Living. In August...

Navy Brig testing biometric tracking

...S.C. -- The Navy's Consolidated Brig, which holds some high-profile terrorism...biometrics like we're doing it in the brig," said Allan Turner, a researcher for...of Justice, which is working with the brig on the project. The brig is where Jose...

Fort Stewart replaces 468 trees honoring fallen soldiers

...decided all of them needed to be removed and swapped with a hardier tree species."It was our commitment to the families," said Brig. Gen. James Blackburn, a deputy commander of Fort Stewart's 3rd Infantry Division. "If it's a living memorial, by God...

Augusta officials heap praise on Mayor Deke Copenhaver at Toast & Roast

...there, I wish Deke was even closer now 'cause I can't get away from Hap. He eats all the time." TRAVELING MAN: Retired Brig. Gen. Jeff Foley, a former commanding general at Fort Gordon, said, "When I first came to Fort Gordon about seven years...

Georgia emergency management chief Charley English demoted to deputy; Gen. Jim Butterworth named as replacement

...without the proper military rank.The agency and Butterworth also were the target of a whistleblower lawsuit over the use of state equipment for travel.Brig. Gen. Joe Jarrard has been appointed to replace Butterworth as adjutant general.

Featured obituary: Retired Brig. Gen. Robert L. Scott

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. - Retired Brig. Gen. Robert L. Scott, the World War II flying ace who told of his exploits in his book God is My Co-Pilot, died Monday...

Clinton accepts NAACP invite

...18 at Bible Way Church on Atlas Road in Columbia. A ceremony will mark the 53rd anniversary of the Clarendon County case, Brigs vs. Elliot, that led to the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education, which outlawed segregation in...

Commissioner Donnie Smith resigns

...Tim Martin; and former Repub lican Party official Dave Barbee.Another name mentioned, former District 7 Commis sioner Jerry Brig ham, who served two terms, is term-limited and prevented by city ordinance from holding the seat until he sits out a full...

Joe Jackson escapes rocky government ship

...fertile field to keep plowing, Gardnyr Michael set up an office on Courthouse Lane. But then Commissioners Don Grantham and Jerry Brig ham, the only ones who voted against the swap, convinced their colleagues to get out of it in 2007, and with McNabb's assistance...