Pipeline operator takes tough questions from concerned landowners, environmentalists

...Fore said. "Like any type of infrastructure, railroad or bridge, you have to maintain that infrastructure."Brian Williams, Kinder Morgan director of engineering, said the $1 billion project was primarily designed because of a need for...

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Comments from readers:I THINK MAYBE it's time for NBC anchorman Brian Williams to make a guest appearance on the Dr. Phil show so we can get to the bottom of this debacle. PLEASE TELL ME if soldiers who are...

Let feds regulate Internet

We all know that NBC's Brian Williams is now infamous for making up stuff. However, it seems that the editorial staff of The Augusta Chronicle is following his example...

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...to use the roads, just like motorized vehicles. I PRAY EVERY DAY THAT this country can last two more years. IF BRIAN WILLIAMS had made up a lie about President Bush, he would still have his job. BREAKING NEWS ALERT. We are on the scene and...

Pipeline plan draws protests

...environmental effects and the public need for it, which the company is required to demonstrate before it can move forward. Brian Williams, Kinder Morgan director of engineering, said the pipeline will increase competition, resulting in lower prices...

The truth still matters

...subsequent appointment to secretary of state. Now it's back in the news thanks to the recent furor over NBC anchor Brian Williams' equally harrowing ? and equally false ? story about taking rocket fire in Iraq.The parallels of the whoppers...


...America has neither.NBC's prized Nightly News anchor Brian Williams apparently has been exposed as a liar over his repeated...should be seriously considering what role, if any, Brian Williams will have in its future.

A credibility crisis

...Tuesday night that it had suspended popular news anchor Brian Williams for six months without pay. It answers, for now...important matters some or most of the time.Now, Brian Williams' credibility is so shot that his "misremembering...

Plan would deepen Charleston harbor at cost of $500 million

...current 47 feet to 54 feet.The price tag, $509 million, is higher than the $350 million previously suggested.Brian Williams, the Corps' project manager, said the initial projection was based on a depth of 50 feet. He added on-site studies...

Tuten, Mercer are city amateur golf champs

...playoff based on final-round score250?x-Glenn Cassidy (81-89-80, Josh Nadeau (82-86-82).254?Brian Williams (89-82-83).259?Cody Hoops (84-87-88).260?Clay Booth (86-89-85).261?James Moore (89-87-85), Walter Busbee (83-87-91...