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God bless us? Why?

Until we align ourselves with God's Word, we have no right to ask for His blessings.
Why are we in trouble?

I read the letter in the June 17 Augusta Chronicle sent in by Brian Regitko titled "God bless us? Why?" and I totally agree with him. Why?My problem is that it's for a markedly different reason than...
Ad touted the best principles

The opinions of the Founders would be considered anachronistic and revolutionary compared with today's values.
Woes spiritual in nature

When was the last time we had a president who publicly bowed the knee before the Lord, asking for His sovereign wisdom and guidance?
Society forsaking faith, free speech

...we go back to the fork in the road, 1947, and continue down that righteous path laid out for us by our Founding Fathers. Otherwise, America's situation will only worsen, for we are building upon sinking sand. Brian Regitko, Evans
Partial birth abortion is pro-death

...School? Make no mistake about it, the battle over abortion is not between pro-life and pro-choice camps (a sugarcoated term if ever there was one), but rather between the camps of pro-life and pro-death. Brian Regitko, Augusta
Church-state separation skewed proof of this. In the absence of biblical absolutes, virtually anything can be justified as right, no matter how morally reprehensible it may be. How far our nation has strayed from our biblical foundations! Brian Regitko, Augusta