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Rules of disengagement

...Putin cared.And now Iraq.The unraveling in Iraq calls into question, according to The (Washington) Examiner's Brian Hughes, "whether Obama is quick enough to deploy U.S. resources that could deter instability abroad."Quick enough...
Voters voice worry quickly with e-mail

...initially I was taking a position of facilitating development," Mr. Tarver said. "But I got a flood of e-mails from residents down in that area, and that changed my position." Reach Brian Hughes and Tom Marine at
Caucus of minority sees limits

...would be introduced in the Senate, according to Marshall Guest, an aid for Mr. Johnson. Reach Brian Hughes at (404) 681-1701 or ACTION IN THE SENATE - Drivers caught in road construction delays might see traffic...
House OKs elections in even years for Augusta

ATLANTA - Elections for Augusta commissioners and the marshal of civic court would be shifted solely to even-number years under bills passed by the House on Tuesday.
Metro | Augusta-Richmond County Commission
Lawmakers try to toughen dog-fighting restrictions

...Reese said the penalty would be downgraded to misdemeanor status or fail to make it out of committee. House Bill 301 is yet to go before the chamber for a vote. Reach Brian Hughes at (404) 681-1701 or
Freshmen want fresh start

...position," he said. "Change can be good. All we can do is accept it and run with it." Reach Brian Hughes at (404)681-1701, or AUGUSTA FRESHMEN - Rep. Henry "Wayne" Howard (D); Committees: Children...
Lawmakers turning to blogs

...the mandatory status from the plates, which Mr. Erickson attributed to feedback from the blogging community. Reach Brian Hughes at (404) 589-8424 or LEGISLATORS WITH BLOGS - Sen. David Adelman, D-Decatur www.davidadelman...
Income tax end is goal of proposal

ATLANTA - The state income tax could be eliminated by 2021 if a constitutional limit is placed on the growth of taxes and governmental spending, members of a free-market advocacy group said at a Capitol news conference Wednesday.
Lawmaking at Capitol open for public viewing

Votes on the House and Senate floors are viewable for the public, as are committee meetings, where bills are fine-tuned.
Portable storage units move excess out of way

...he said. "There will always be a market for storage, regardless of the capacity." Reach Brian Hughes at (706) 823-3352 or CORPORATE RELOCATION When you relocate for your job, your employer should...