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Satirizes editorial stand on tobacco

...occurs in the work place, employers are required to close the work place or supply workers with self-contained breathing devices. The chart also shows how much of each poison the average smoker exposes himself to. The safe level of hydrogen...
Final report blames switch

...of disaster, along with decreasing speeds when traveling through populated areas such as Graniteville - provide breathing devices to crews carrying hazardous materials The railroad administration already has taken measures since the Graniteville...
Area gets less in security funds than others the Columbia County Sheriff's Office for protective gear and equipment or $173,000 for 50 self-contained breathing devices for the Martinez Fire Department. Still, Ms. Tucker said, the fire department was able to get the money through...
Search under way for low-fat ice cream that tastes good

...cream are pushed through windows. Sometimes colored lights illuminate the samples. Other times, test subjects wear breathing devices that propel flavor volatiles through their noses into research receptacles. All this to get to the result Sterling...
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