Bioengineered mice resistant to certain breast cancers

...protein linked to half of all human breast cancers. The bioengineered mice lack...are dramatic proof that certain breast cancers can occur only when the protein...high amounts in half of human breast cancers, it has become the focus of much...

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Georgia Regents University research targets most difficult breast cancer

...precisely these kinds of difficult breast cancers that some researchers at Georgia...estrogen does in estrogen-sensitive breast cancers, said Dr. Ahmed Chadli, an...is why GRU is going after these breast cancers because they are aggressive and...

Pills may help kill cancer cells

...show promise in battling some breast cancers, said a prominent researcher...tumor biopsies. About a third of breast cancers are hormone dependent, meaning...found that tamoxifen can reduce breast cancers in high-risk women by 45 percent...

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Family carries heavy breast cancer burden

...population carries the mutations, that percentage accounts for 5 percent to 10 percent of all breast cancers and 15 percent to 20 percent of familial breast cancers, according to the American Cancer Society.But none of the sisters has been tested for...

Gene mutation puts family at high risk of breast cancer

...They're saying by the time I'm 30, they want to do a complete mastectomy," Burkett said.Only about 10 percent of breast cancers result from hereditary factors, said Dr. Thomas Samuel, the director of the multidisciplinary breast cancer program...

Doctors urge breast cancer test

...and the finding increased her odds of beating the disease. "I was very lucky, very lucky," she said. Although breast cancers seem to be on the rise, advocates say they hope awareness and early detection also is rising, leading to growing...

MCG to engage in study

...raloxifene, which also reduces the number of expected breast cancers. "It's the first positive way we've had in preventing...instead of preventing breast cancer, it simply treated breast cancers that were so small they couldn't be seen by the...

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Screenings unveil higher cancer rate

...said. "We have found an unusually large number of breast cancers in our screenings this year," said Nancy Weber...raloxifene have been effective in preventing some breast cancers just add to the optimism, Ms. Gladstone said...

Back in the ring

...still here. That's the main thing." Breast cancer rarely strikes women younger than 35. Only 1.9 percent of breast cancers diagnosed between 2001-05 were in women aged 20 to 34. according to the National Cancer Institute. The median...

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Britain looks to U.S. on care, expert says

...months ago the New England Journal of Medicine ran a study that showed the drug Herceptin was effective in earlier breast cancers (the drug is approved for late-stage disease) in some patients, Mr. Bury said. "There was a huge campaign...

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