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Faces of Survival: Emily Mumford

...lives in Ohio, said she felt very alone and worried. Because she has the BRCA gene and an increased risk for breast and ovarian cancer, her surgeon performed a double mastectomy ? which revealed cancer in her right breast, as well ? and a hysterectomy...
Augusta State squad joins Australian cause for cancer awareness

...Mou-vember" in an effort to raise awareness for breast and ovarian cancer during the month of November. Senior guard Ben...moustaches throughout November to raise awareness for breast and ovarian cancer. The team is seeking donations for the cause...
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Patenting gene sequences and the proteins they produce

...Both firms had received patents on the same gene, called BRCA1. When mutated, BRCA1 predisposes women to breast and ovarian cancer. Salt Lake City-based Myriad discovered the gene and received patent rights to its various mutations; Oncormed...
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Pills may increase risk of breast cancer

CHICAGO - Birth control pills may raise the already heightened risk of breast cancer faced by women with a strong family history of the disease, a study suggests.
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Preventive surgery may add years for gene-linked breast cancer survivors

CHICAGO -- Young women with breast cancer associated with two genetic mutations may live years longer by having their healthy breast and their ovaries removed, a study found.
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Intensive therapy

...putting into place the new transplant center on the fifth floor of the hospital. The unit allows patients with breast and ovarian cancer, lymphoma and myloma and other cancers to receive chemotherapy 10 times more powerful than standard chemotherapy...
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Scientists expect to find prostate cancer gene soon

...treatments. In 1994 and 1995, scientists isolated two genes, dubbed BRCA1 and BRCA2, that are important causes of breast and ovarian cancer that runs in families, especially when victims get the diseases before menopause. Already, screening tests...
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New guidelines give doctors help on cancer gene tests considers people who have mutations in two genes, BRCA1 and BRCA2, that have been linked to high rates of breast and ovarian cancer in women, to a mildly elevated risk of prostate cancer in men, and to a moderately increased risk of colon...
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Court to decide whether human genes can be patented

...fight against diseases like breast and ovarian cancer.The justices' decision...linked to increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Myriad's BRACAnalysis...with much greater risks of breast and ovarian cancer.But the American Civil...
MCG's patient-centered approach draws interest

...Karen Luxford, Harkness Fellow with the Commonwealth Fund in New York and the general manager for the National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Center in Australia. "Really, this is a microcosm of how things could be, if you're going to reform your...
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