New potential weapon against deadly brain tumors

...Achilles' heel, researchers here have cured mice of brain tumors using a common virus that could also destroy a variety...on healthy tissue. For people who are diagnosed with brain tumors the research does provide some hope against a disease...

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Scientists look to link brain tumors, virus

...Blumenthal said one sign Greenlee and others are on the right path is her own recent study of HIV-infected patients who got brain tumors at greater rates than non-infected persons. The deadly virus' link to tumors is still unproven, though, since...

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New therapies offer hope for patients with deadly brain tumors

...another generation of molecular-targeted therapies. I have 10 examples like that."For decades, treatment of these brain tumors involved surgery, radiation and one chemotherapy drug, but that is changing quickly, he said."Now, during the...

French company and GHSU work together over potential treatment for brain tumors

...at Georgia Health Sciences University Cancer Center to set up a company seeking to create a new treatment for deadly brain tumors.Officials from SISENE toured the cancer clinic and nearby Cancer Research Center on Thursday. They will be aided...

Eli Clark lived life despite deadly tumor

...wedding vows last year will be buried today.Austin Elijah, "Eli" Clark, 26, died Thursday after years of battling brain tumors. Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. at Lincolnton Baptist Church. Burial will follow in Westover Memorial Park...

Brain cancer rise may never have happened

The number of brain tumors reported in American children jumped...the 20-year increase in childhood brain tumors did not occur gradually but in a fairly...the reported increase in childhood brain tumors was accounted for by tumors that MRIs...

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Researchers find patterns in cancer puzzle

...Medical researchers looking into a puzzling outbreak of brain tumors at an Amoco Corp. research center say they have made...of the metals in these projects have been linked to brain tumors. Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham...

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Medical myths

Lorraine Banks heard the news about brain tumors, but it wasn't enough to make her drop her cellular...Georgia who is studying a genetic treatment for rare brain tumors. "These kinds of things are very faddish," he said...

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Cell phone tumors?

...several years ago that using cell phones might cause brain tumors, it seemed like something out of a sci-fi horror...If cell phones do, indeed, increase the risk of brain tumors, then the public has a right to know about it. Ignoring...

'Misinterpretation' leaves Nutrasweet Corp. with bad taste

...artificial sweetener may be linked to brain tumors. A recent Washington University study found brain tumors increased by about 10 percent in...government figures show the increase in brain tumors leveled off beginning in 1985...