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No relief in sight for high gas prices

...some pumps go as low as $1.72, is the same, say industry watchers. How long will it last? How high will it go? Brad Proctor says next week will likely be the worst yet this year. The founder of gaspricewatch. com in Dayton, Ohio, expects...
Cheap gas makes holiday driving even more attractive

...Sept. 7, according to the two-week Lundberg Survey of nearly 8,000 stations. "Isn't it incredible?" asked Brad Proctor, president and chief executive of GasPriceWatch, Inc., which tracks fuel prices. Even in California, where air-quality...
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Volunteers and the Web chart gasoline bargains

...300,000 visitors on June 6 alone. "Our participation is directly proportional to the price of gasoline," said Brad Proctor, founder of The Web sites work similarly, relying on volunteers to report prices and advertisers...
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