US economy, though sluggish, might now be sturdier

...inflation, debt from mortgage and auto loans remains below pre-recession levels. Applications for credit by "deep subprime" borrowers ? those most at risk of defaulting ? have dropped 36 percent from pre-recession highs.Because people are taking on...

Citigroup agrees to $7 billion settlement over mortgages

...bank will also pay $2.5 billion in consumer relief to help borrowers who lost their homes to foreclosure and about $500 million...investors.The securities contained residential mortgages from borrowers who were unlikely to be able to repay their loans, yet were...

Countrywide borrowers get $108 million

...years ago, collected outsized fees from borrowers facing foreclosure.It's the latest...seeks to refund money to about 200,000 borrowers, was announced Monday by the Federal...litigating the case."Countrywide hit borrowers who were behind on their mortgages with...

'The Borrowers' return laughs

The Borrowers is a charming, whimsical family adventure...disappears from the freezer? Borrowing and Borrowers are the inventions of British author...but the charm comes in the way The Borrowers makes its world look like a timeless...

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Regulator bars Fannie, Freddie from reducing principal on mortgages for at-risk borrowers

...Freddie Mac from reducing principal for borrowers at risk of foreclosure, resisting pressure...The risks include as many as 19,000 borrowers strategically defaulting on their loans...reductions of principal for troubled borrowers would provide much-needed help to a...

Plans to pay off a mortgage early each have drawbacks

...smoke and mirrors, and I doubt that any borrowers who understand exactly how it works will...Scheme 2 has much more substance, but borrowers who understand exactly how it works will...extra payment is discretionary.Most borrowers prefer having the discretion, though...

Number of payday loans drops in South Carolina

...last year, totaling $402 million. Borrowers collectively paid $60.4 million in...created an online database to track them. Borrowers must wait at least one day between loans...loans elsewhere. The law also allowed borrowers who can't repay to enter a fee-free...

Borrow more, repay less

...executive fiat is that by December 2015 an additional 5 million borrowers will be able to cap monthly student loan repayments at 10...2010 law that capped repayments for newer loans but excluded borrowers who took out loans before October 2007, or who stopped borrowing...

Borrowers should consider costs and savings when refinancing

...from Freddie Mac, about 29 percent of borrowers who refinanced during the third quarter...During that period, about 68 percent of borrowers kept the same term as the loan that they...percent chose to lengthen their loan term.Borrowers who refinanced under the Home Affordable...

Fannie Mae relaxing credit requirements for some borrowers

...program announced Thursday, qualified borrowers will be able to get mortgages at interest...next spring. "There remain too many borrowers whose credit is just a notch below what...mortgages will be available to all qualified borrowers, although they should mostly help low-income...