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Murdoch puts sons in place to lead 21st Century Fox

...split the original News Corp. into print and entertainment companies in 2013.Murdoch also is the executive chairman at News Corp., the company that now contains Journal and New York Post newspapers and book publisher HarperCollins.
Changing world of book publishing offers varied options for authors

...If you publish, be ready for criticism.? The vast majority of published books fail in the marketplace.? Most book publishers take a very long time getting a manuscript into print.These fundamental truths about traditional publishers have...
Web world for music fans hopes to gain following

...Simon & Schuster are among the long-established book publishers embracing Scribd as a new distribution and promotional...alliance is just the latest example of the different ways book publishers are trying to boost sales by branching out to the...
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Young adult literature can be good or bad; you decide

...attention than books that actually leave teens with a message. However, because teens keep buying these poorly written books, publishers are going to keep encouraging this slaughter of the written word. Young adult books should relate to the lives...
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Library visits rise; sales fall at booksellers

...Book industry experts say the extra traffic witnessed by libraries does not pose a real threat to the business. "Book publishers have a lot of challenges, and folks getting their books via the library doesn't even make the first page," said...
Game makers score at Comic-Con; 'Fallout 3' rules E3

...about 300 people showed up. This year's event drew 120,000 fans - enough to get the attention of not just comic-book publishers but also movie studios, TV networks and video-game companies. Just about every major video-game company (with...
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How positively Soviet!

...time" from the other side - and they don't like it. Historically liberal broadcast networks, newspapers and even book publishers suddenly have competition in the marketplace of ideas from talk shows, Fox News and the Internet. In fact, they're...
More young adults crack open books

...of books. Most parents would like to hear it as well, but teens turning to reading has been even better news for book publishers. At one point, young-adult book sales outpaced adult sales. In the past month, despite some steady declines...
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Christmas presents can be tricky things

...this is my last column for The Augusta Chronicle. I've enjoyed writing for the paper, but my workload with my book publisher is so great that I have no choice but to give it up. Thanks so much for reading and for all of your kind comments...
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Viacom details its plan to split

...Networks, BET and Paramount Pictures. The new CBS Corp. will include CBS television, UPN, Paramount television and book publisher Simon & Schuster. Les Moonves, the current head of CBS and co-president of Viacom, will head CBS, and Tom Freston...