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'Boohbah': A new kids show on PBS

NEW YORK -- With "Boohbah," beauty is in the eyes of the aged 3 to 5 - will experience "Boohbah" on quite a different level, its creator...candy colors and dreamy atmosphere, "Boohbah" is designed to have the opposite effect...
Some TV shows get preschoolers up and moving

...couch potatoes up and moving. PBS' "Boohbah," Nickelodeon's "LazyTown" and the...that kids watch with an active mind." "Boohbah" came from British producer Anne," or to solve puzzles. The "Boohbah" characters went on a national fitness...
Companies create shows and games that get kids off the couch

...of "Teletubbies," is to release toys this fall tied to "Boohbah," a show aimed at toddlers that began on PBS in January and...who has girls ages 1 and 4, said he welcomes shows like "Boohbah" that get kids to move around. "I don't want my kids to...
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...Dream." For details, call 826-4707. Library Program: South Carolina Educational Television's Lydia Freeman uses "BoohBah" to teach motor, language and thinking skills for preschoolers. Great program for parents and preschool teachers at 11 a...
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