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Paine trustee's memo claims federal money meant for students used to pay bills, payroll

...still claiming they hadn't received financial aid checks. TWELVE DAYS BEFORE the audit was completed March 22, CPA Bonnie Cox told Kendall in an e-mail that she still had "huge concerns" before she could issue the final audit. Cox described...
Flagpole prayer reminds of oppression

...if we are not ashamed of Him. I am ashamed of us, so I know that God must be deeply disappointed and ashamed of us and this country. I hate to think about what's coming if change does not come very soon. Bonnie Cox North Augusta, S.C.
$24 millage increase OK'd for now

...same increase in 2008 or more, and I think we need to work on reducing that daily cost." IN OTHER ACTION Thursday, Bonnie Cox, partner with Cherry, Bekaert & Holland, presented highlights of financial data for 2007 that indicated "a good positive...
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We're starving for new restaurants

...South Carolina-Georgia border, but it sure would be nice not to have to go far to get a nice meal or to go to the movies. With gas so high, the closer we can do what we want or need to do, the better. Bonnie Cox, North Augusta, S.C.
You must watch this inspirational film

...don't believe can deny all they want, but these people went through it, faced it and with God's help overcame it. Just as David killed Goliath with a pebble right between the eyes, we can do the same. Bonnie Cox, North Augusta, S.C.
'Deadly' DVD caps off week of audit, tax talk

...trend of increased use of fund balance or increased loss in the general fund," said Cherry Bekaert & Holland partner Bonnie Cox. In 2002, there was a surplus in the city's general operating fund of $1.8 million. In 2005, the fund was in...
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Audit reveals problems at Patriots Park

...panel Monday to defend his department against allegations of poor money management in a recently released audit report. Bonnie Cox, a partner with Augusta accounting firm Cherry, Bekaert & Holland, said a 2005 audit of the recreation department...
Metro | Columbia County Commission
Schiavo case is bad precedent and type "euthanasia in the Netherlands" into an Internet search engine, and read what's going on. When our society or our children tire of us, what will happen next? What will happen to you? Bonnie Cox, North Augusta, S.C.
Fellow letter writer hits nail on the head adults, going to start accepting responsibility and stop tolerating immorality because society thinks it's all right? It wasn't all right when Cain killed Abel, and it's not all right today. Bonnie Cox, North Augusta, S.C.
Pierucci's definition of Christianity lacking

...killing these precious children. I, for one, would not want to have to come before God and have to explain to him why I allowed this to happen or why I promoted such a thing. Pro-choice? I think not. Bonnie Cox, North Augusta, S.C.