Environmentalists criticize Japan

BONN, Germany -- Japan is holding up efforts...Genoa, Italy. Diplomats at the conference in Bonn hope Bush or Koizumi might give instructions...leaders of many of the countries involved in the Bonn talks seem unlikely to address nitty-gritty...

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U.S. denies it's trying to stall talks on global warming

BONN, Germany (AP) - The United States on Monday...climate control conference. The 150-nation Bonn talks are in preparation for a Climate Summit...inconclusively three months ago, and the Bonn meeting's chairman, Raul Estrada-Oyuela...

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Climate talks cloud future

BONN, Germany -- With the United States opting out of the Kyoto climate treaty...vehicles - below 1990 levels by 2012. Among the rules for Kyoto refined in Bonn were mechanisms to make it easier for countries to meet ambitious reductions...

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Deadlock at EU summit hampers expansion plan

BONN, Germany -- European Union leaders failed to narrow differences Friday at...leaders was also coming from the streets. Some 600 farmers demonstrated in Bonn with tractors and livestock against plans to rein in agriculture subsidies that...

U.S., Europe at odds over currency policy

BONN, Germany -- Finance officials from the world's wealthiest countries are...one-day meeting of Group of Seven finance ministers and central bankers in Bonn, to which Russia is also sending envoys. "We expect to take stock of the...

Island nations blast U.S. global warming plan

BONN, Germany -- Island nations lashed out Monday at President Clinton's plan...accord at a Dec. 1-10 meeting in Kyoto, Japan. The diplomats meeting in Bonn have until Friday to try to clean up the draft text. Bargaining heated up after...

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U.S., Japan accused of stalling global warming talks

BONN, Germany (AP) - European ministers joined environmentalists in accusing the...melting polar caps. Lobbyists for major U.S. multinationals watching the Bonn conference said the scientific evidence was unclear and that the treaty would...

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World's nations agree on new push to promote renewable energy

BONN, Germany -- More than 150 nations pledged Friday to promote alternative energy...oil greatly increases our vulnerability to such terrorism." The 154-nation Bonn meeting gathered a series of individual commitments. They ranged from China's...

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Pollution agreement reached

BONN, Germany -- Despite serious disagreements between the United States and Europe, talks on reducing greenhouse gases have made...

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German Internet law gains passage

BONN, Germany (AP) - Germany passed a law Friday to keep out cyberspace smut and Nazi propaganda, but critics said it was still...

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