Food for the soul

...transparent"); so.write("bb-video"); // Fred Cox cruised through the former ballroom of the once-grand Bon Air Hotel, nodding his way past early arrivals. In 30 minutes, his volunteer kitchen crew would open the serving line for...

Your Faith | Lucy C. Laney High School
The Way We Were: The Bon Air Hotel

...American presidents and leaders of U.S. industry once looked down on the city of Augusta from the windows of the Bon Air Hotel.Presidents William Howard Taft, War ren G. Harding and Dwight Eisen hower stayed there.So did author F. Scott...

The good, the bad and the runoff

...Yankees coming to Augusta in their private rail cars with their servants and fancy clothes and staying all winter at the Bon Air Hotel and the Partridge Inn. She had a friend whose name was Ann Barrett whose father, Frank Barrett , was "a high muckety-muck...

Mrs. Virginia Britton (GROVETOWN, Ga.)

...and Ellen Banks Connell. Mrs. Britton grew up at the Bon Air Hotel in Augusta. Her late father was employed at the Bon Air Hotel for 38 years. He was responsible for the up keep of...

The Way We Were: Easter egg hunts

...the decades, springtime egg hunts kept Augustans busy on church lawns, public lawns and even the grounds of the old Bon Air Hotel.Most passed without incident, and certainly nothing as surprising as the 1964 Easter egg hunt reported in Athens...

Preserving the Partridge

...property began growing into a seasonal hotel after it was acquired by Morris W. Partridge in 1892.Like the larger Bon Air Hotel across the street ? another historic property we'd like to see returned to its former glory ? The Partridge Inn...

Bargain hunters line up at historic hotel liquidation sale

...to look for large matching chests of drawers, recalling a similar sale across Walton Way decades ago at the former Bon Air Hotel."I remember when they emptied out the Bon Air," Sideman said. "I got a huge, long side table."Lunsford's...

You Remembered: Fort Gordon

...Morganton, N.C., scored a hole in one and almost won on Sunday.)A couple of weekends in 1954 we checked into the Bon Air Hotel just to get away, enjoy the air-conditioning the pool, and the bar. I remember going to the beautiful Sacred Heart...

Movie sparks memories of Four Seasons in 1964 Augusta

...Lansing B. Lee III.Bill Kirby found an article in the Augusta Herald that described the Four Seasons' time at the Bon Air Hotel after they had decided to spend a few extra days in Augusta after the concert.Looking at the old Herald clipping...

Home for the Masters: For former resident, memories come flooding back

...getting back to so many memories from when I grew up in Augusta. Dwight D. Eisenhower's presidential visits; the Bon Air Hotel; "Hard Luck" Tony Sheehan's auto accident on Walton Way; Camp Gordon; Broad Street; and, of course, the stories...