Deke Copenhaver | The Augusta Chronicle

...March 4, 2010 Deke Copenhaver First elected in a Dec. 6, 2005, runoff to fill the unexpired term of former mayor Bob Young, Mr. Copenhaver won election to a full term in November 2006 with 65 percent of the vote. In his 2006 campaign...

Augusta officials heap praise on Mayor Deke Copenhaver at Toast & Roast

...Deke is by far the shortest. I greatly appreciate that. I had to stand on my toes when I got my picture made with Bob Young and Willie Mays."Whenever I got angry, whenever I got upset, whenever I got fired, I used to go talk to Deke. He...

Few appear qualified

Bob Young's Oct. 26 column ("The 'M' word: Why aren't more politicians talking about our money?") was dead-on. I couldn't...

City Ink: Talk of roids is all the rage in Augusta

...habits.""I'm against any tax right now," said Greenbaum."I think it's all wet," said former Augusta Mayor Bob Young. BUT WHERE THERE'S ROIDS, THERE'S RAGE: The Richmond County Sheriff's Office didn't have enough deputies...

The 'M' word: Why aren't more politicians talking about our money?

I'm looking for someone who will talk about my money and understands why this is important to me.

Ramblin' Rhodes: Oka'Chaffa Indian Festival in new spot, at new price

...recording artist Dick Flood) who co-founded the festival with part-Cherokee Chipa Wolfe and former Augusta Mayor Bob Young originally to promote Phinzy Swamp Nature Park.Oka'Chaffa means "one water" in Chickasaw and is a reference to the...

Say 'no' to higher taxes

The mayor and commission should show some backbone, just say "no" to the property tax increase and act like grown-ups with money they did not earn.

Past generations of so-called 'unattended' children turned out just fine

...What's my point? We could just stop and think: "There but for the grace of God go I." (The writer ? a lifelong resident of Augusta ? was first lady of Augusta to former Mayor Bob Young, and is a licensed real estate broker.)

Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver foiled again

...the white commissioners."On the subject of trust, Elam said you have to build trust between people, and panelist Bob Young, former Augusta mayor, said, "Remember back when the Chamber of Commerce put together this trust initiative, and...

Dee Griffin hired as Augusta Fire Department's public information officer

...Fisk University and a journalism master's program at Northwestern University, co-anchored for WJBF with former mayor Bob Young during the mid-1990s. She went on to stations in Hartford, Conn., Kansas City, Mo., and Memphis, where she stayed...