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Disarmament is enslavement

The left is notorious in its disdain for the Constitution, particularly the Bill of Rights.
Back Hillary Clinton? Why?

Hillary Clinton's bio reads more like a rap sheet than a resume.
'Genius' ruling? Not so fast

I read Bob Waters' featured letter ("Roberts' ruling was genius," July 7), and several thoughts came to mind.If that ruling by the chief...
Racism label unfounded

Democrats can't defend any of Obama's leftist policies, and they are unable to compete in the arena of ideas, so all they are left with is: "You're a racist."
Letter on Reagan wrong

I long for the days when our enemies feared our president, not congratulated him on his re-election.
Don't knock speculators

Perhaps Obama should look at his policies as the reason for spikes in oil prices.
Roberts' ruling was genius

In voting to uphold Obamacare, Roberts has managed to energize this center-to-right country.
Some Augusta golfers say anchored strokes should stay in game

...quality of his golf game.Long putters account for 20 percent of putter sales at Bonaventure Discount Golf, said employee Bob Waters. Long putters have been around for several decades but anchored strokes are a more recent development, he said...
Gators will stick with three QBs

...San Francisco 49ers. Hickey, best known for inventing the shotgun formation, rotated John Brodie, Billy Kilmer and Bob Waters.So Florida's not breaking any new ground with Brantley, Burton and Reed."They are three good players," Spurrier...
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Winning Masters pool may be luck of the draw

...It seems like the only fair way to do it would be the luck of the draw - put all the players' names in a hat," said Bob Waters, salesman at Bonaventure Discount Golf. "It's not a match-play kind of game where you eliminate players. If you...
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