...the spring 2015 semester.President's list? The following students were named to the president's list at Bob Jones University for the spring 2015 semester: Jacquelyne Beck, John Lin, Natalie Walters? Tiffany Blake has been named to the...

Former Bob Jones University president apologizes for once calling for stoning of gays

...and current chancellor of fundamentalist Christian Bob Jones University has apologized for saying in 1980 that gay people...doesn't have to be a shouting match," Hoffman said.Bob Jones University was founded in 1927 and is known for its fundamentalist...

Bob Jones University admits sex abuse mishandling

GREENVILLE, S.C. - Bob Jones University President Steve Pettit says the Greenville school has failed to uphold and honor its core values in investigating reports of sexual...

Solicitor to look into Bob Jones University's handling of sex abuse reports

...South Carolina solicitor says he will look into how Bob Jones University handled sexual abuse reports from students to determine...into that category.An independent report on how Bob Jones University has dealt with sexual abuse over several decades...


? The following students have graduated from Bob Jones University: Charles Robinette, Jacquelyne Beck and Natalie Walters.? Katie Crow and Ben Mays have graduated from the University of Georgia...

Bob Jones Jr., university chairman, dead at 86

...chancellor and chairman of the fundamentalist Christian Bob Jones University, died Wednesday, less than two months after he...collection of more than 400 religious paintings in the Bob Jones University Collection of Sacred Art museum. The paintings...

Across South Carolina

...attack GREENVILLE - Greenville police say a former Bob Jones University student who said a man in a fake police car pulled...confronted with the inconsistencies. Officials at Bob Jones University say Mr. Brooks has withdrawn from the school...

Social issues losing out in GOP contest

...Carolina's Christian conservatives, personified by Bob Jones University presidents and alums, have made and broken presidential...the role played by the conservative Christian Bob Jones University and its leaders is waning.Talk to voters shopping...

Mormon has unlikely fans

...has been embraced in a most unlikely place: at Bob Jones University, the influential Christian college that teaches...founder's grandson and a top dean, respectively, at Bob Jones University. He also gained the backing of Don Wilton, the...

Jones urges literal faith in Scripture

...said Dr. Jones, president of Greenville's Bob Jones University. "I believe more people go to hell through church...Dr. Jones' sermon. Ms. Casey graduated from Bob Jones University in 1950 and said she remembers how Dr. Jones...