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SC gold mine gets go-ahead

...environmental cleanup is not enough.Romarco says $60 million is more than enough for a cleanup.Sierra Club attorney Bob Guild says the group is considering an appeal to the state Mining Council.
Across South Carolina

...state regulators' approval of electricity rate increases to help pay for future plants.Friends of the Earth attorney Bob Guild told state Supreme Court justices that a new law that lets companies charge higher rates for future plants means regulators...
Across the Region

...monitors and tests waterways around its nuclear plants in addition to groundwater.But Columbia environmental attorney Bob Guild says there are so many different ways to get radiation exposure and no additional doses are good for anyone. Although...
Rules on chicken houses debated

...I really believe that has been the mind-set in some counties. When that happens, that is wrong." But attorney Bob Guild said the major chicken operations in Georgia, which produces more broiler chickens than any other state, are running...
Night-vision goggle training may bring Army to complex

...enter environmentally sensitive areas on the site that contain protected species, such as the red-cockaded woodpecker. Bob Guild, an environmental attorney and conservation chairman for the South Carolina chapter of the Sierra Club, said the military...
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Environmental agency failing, newspaper says

...waste. She noted that DHEC hadn't produced an expert witness to support its pro-business arguments. Columbia lawyer Bob Guild, who won the case, wasn't surprised DHEC argued business interests should trump a clean environment. "That's been...
Groups demand plant reduce emissions

...instead of essentially advocating a return to a technology that's gotten us in this problem in the first place," said Bob Guild, a Sierra Club member who serves on a task force Mr. Sanford created to study climate change. "We know that looking...
CDC to release SRS radiation exposure report

...incidence of cancer in communities near SRS was about the same as other rural communities. Columbia environmental lawyer Bob Guild warned against taking the newest study at face value. He does not think it will tell the whole story. "Despite the...
SRS may have new launderer

...Columbia's Rosewood Drive, two miles from the University of South Carolina and even closer to the state fairgrounds. Bob Guild, the environmental lawyer who helped Aiken residents fight Interstate Nuclear Services' construction plans there, says...
SRS might stop sending out its laundry

...encouraged by Westinghouse's discussions. Their efforts apparently had an impact, environmental lawyers Jimmy Chandler and Bob Guild said. If INS built a new laundry on or next to SRS, it could close its Columbia operation as originally planned, Guild...
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