Bluetooth technology catching on

No doubt you've been hearing a lot about Bluetooth technology lately and can hardly wait until you...a vending machine. According to the official Bluetooth Web site, www.bluetooth.com, "devices enabled with Bluetooth wireless...

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Bluetooth group adopts ultrafast radio technology

NEW YORK - The Bluetooth wireless standard used in cell phones...the iPod. The industry group behind Bluetooth said Tuesday that it would boost transfer...ultra-wideband, or UWB. Currently, Bluetooth works only for low-speed uses like...

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Plantronics unveils new Bluetooth stereo headphones

SAN FRANCISCO - For my money, Bluetooth technology has long been little more...the house is an admirable goal, but Bluetooth-enabled devices invariably cost a bit...the Pulsar 590, a pair of rechargeable Bluetooth-enabled headphones. The company sent...

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Automakers struggling to prevent hackers from seizing control of cars

DETROIT - When researchers at two West Coast universities took control of a General Motors car through cellular and Bluetooth connections in 2010, they startled the auto industry by exposing a glaring security gap.Five years later, two friendly...

Telemedicine boon to rural Hancock

...The images the device sent to the clinic showed up clear and crisp on Kemberly Smith's screen. Then the nurse applied a Bluetooth stethoscope to the patient, for the nurse practitioner to listen to the heart and lungs.Kemberly Smith clicked on a screen...

What's expected at today's Apple event

...you even ask. It might even launch apps for you, based on your past habits, when you attach headphones or connect to a Bluetooth speaker in a car. Siri will also offer to add calendar and contact entries based on your incoming email - something Google...

Porsche, Scion turning heads with new looks of models for 2016

...five-speed manual transmission or six-speed automatic. LED daytime running lights, cruise control, power steering and Bluetooth are standard. The ForTwo goes on sale this fall; pricing and fuel economy haven't been released, but the previous model...

Bluetooth still too temperamental for the masses

...handheld computer and a phone enabled with Bluetooth wireless technology, I did just that...but it's not for beginners - yet. Bluetooth is a form of short-range wireless radio...the Internet boom a couple years ago, Bluetooth technology was prematurely hyped. It...

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Gear cuts the cords: handheld, personal file server, microprinter, Bluetooth hub

...Connects with computers and handhelds via Bluetooth, infrared and USB port. Brother sells...October. LOGITECH CORDLESS DESKTOP MX FOR BLUETOOTH Billed as the beginning of PC-to-phone...hub lets cell phones with built-in Bluetooth wireless as well as Bluetooth-enabled...

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Are viruses a threat to cell phones?

...phone's inbox. Stealthy code that uses Bluetooth wireless technology to sneak onto handsets...company Kaspersky said Cabir could affect Bluetooth-enabled phones that run on the Symbian...host phone to others, provided their Bluetooth reception was on. Like Skulls, and...

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