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Supply of blood low in winter

...burns, which can use up a lot of blood products to treat. To solve its annual...and those patients use a lot of blood products, which can tax the system, Dr...because of a lack of blood or blood products like platelets, Dr. Mullins...
Victims of blast need blood

...During the weekend, Savannah patients at the burn center used about 200 units of blood and more than 600 units of blood products, which includes plasma, said John Doriot, the director of diagnostic services at the hospital. Shepeard's Ms...
Screening blood donations for West Nile virus is effective

...according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That means about 1,500 transfusions of tainted-blood products were prevented, said the CDC's Dr. Lyle Petersen. "Screening has markedly improved the safety of the blood supply...
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Across Georgia

...Cross blood given to the Piedmont Hospital patient was not the blood type listed on the bag, officials said. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which oversees blood banks and blood products, confirmed it is looking into the death.
Share prices rise in light post-Christmas trading

...worldwide. Shares in Biopure Corp. of Cambridge, Mass., fell 39 cents to $2.43 after the developer of an artificial blood product said it expected civil charges against it by the Securities and Exchange Commission over disclosure of its communications...
Family credit's girl's recovery to faith

...said. "One died. Her name is Kiara, but we know she is in heaven." Mrs. Chafin prayed over the medicines and blood products to protect Alex from negative side effects. None occurred, despite the high-powered doses, more than 30 blood...
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Costs of new blood tests worry medical facilities

...Such an increase could have a significant impact on Doctors Hospital, which last year spent more than $1 million on blood products from Shepeard, said John Doriot, the hospital's director of diagnostic services. "Technology - it's better...
Blood bag maker says substance is natural

...Monday that people who received blood from affected bags have not reported any adverse effects. The Red Cross shipped blood products from other states to Georgia and Tennessee to alleviate the quarantine-caused shortage, Red Cross officials said...
MCG researches stroke repair

...mice were injected into mice whose bone marrow had been wiped out by radiation, the cells turned around and made blood products like bone marrow stem cells would, Dr. Hess said. And if it works one way, it should work the other, he said...
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Shepeard's kicks off fund drive purchased through future fund-raising efforts, Mr. Powell said. Shepeard is the sole provider of blood and blood products to Aiken Regional Medical Centers and 10 other area hospitals, including University Hospital and Doctors Hospital...