Blondie' marks 75 years on the comics pages

...been almost 75 years since ditzy flapper Blondie Boopadoop fell for bumbling Dagwood Bumstead...disapproved of the union. When he and Blondie married in 1933, the J. Boling Bumsteads...widely read strips in comics history, Blondie and Dagwood are celebrating the milestone...

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One way or another, Blondie is on the way back

...Research, not sloth, led members of Blondie to kill a few hours in the afternoon watching...a reputation burnished by nostalgia, Blondie has re-formed and released its first...Glass, Rapture and The Tide Is High made Blondie one of the most commercially successful...

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Blondie not going gray with recent albums

NEW YORK -- The members of Blondie admit it's a bit weird to be on the...digging deeper into music history. Blondie put new wave punk on the radar as they...that time as a reference." Not that Blondie is history. After a 16-year hiatus...

'Blondie' comic strip celebrates 75 years

Today, Blondie - the comic strip, not the band - is 75 years old. A remarkable run...And I think we all know that Ziggy won't see its diamond anniversary. Blondie also found success in the 1930s and 1940s in Hollywood, with a series...

Steven Uhles
Blondie, Sex Pistols, Black Sabbath join the rock hall

...year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class. Blondie is doing its part, too. The band being...former colleagues for being left out when Blondie reformed in 1999. Deborah Harry's voice...will be invited to perform again with Blondie for old time's sake at the Waldorf-Astoria...

In the know

BLONDIE: The comic strip Blondie celebrates its 70th anniversary this week. The first Blondie strip appeared on Sept. 8, 1930. Today Blondie appears in more than 2,300 newspapers in 55 countries and 35 languages. The comic strip began during...

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Music legends inducted in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

...Hall of Fame on Monday. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blondie, Miles Davis and the Sex Pistols are...comparing the hall to "urine in wine." Blondie was the most commercially successful of...the Ramones. Singer Deborah Harry gave Blondie its look and name. The act brought a...

Braves' slump at home continues

ATLANTA - Blondie's One Way or Another played as Tim Hudson left the mound with a scowl in the sixth inning Monday evening. This, it seems...

Dog's Day Out

Kris Anderson and his canine companion Blondie, 3, take advantage of Sunday's mild temperature and sunny weather by playing a game of fetch at Riverview Park in North Augusta.

Pitching duo provides stability

ATLANTA -- Abbott and Costello. Sonny and Cher. Dagwood and Blondie. Can't think of one without the other, can you? That's how the Atlanta Braves feel about their twin aces, Greg Maddux and...