Age-old question: Hygiene can minimize virus effects

Cold sores and fever blisters are small but painful blisters on the lips, nose and mouth. Their small size gives...upon their victims. The actual cause of the sores and blisters is a virus known as herpes simplex type I. It is a cousin...

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Experts say avoid even one bad burn

One bad sunburn, complete with peeling and blisters, increases the chance for melanoma 500 fold. But it doesn't...attention should be sought immediately if total body redness and blisters develop, as your chances of infection, sun poisoning and...

Johnson's lead grows

HAMPTON, Ga. --- Carl Edwards had blisters on his hands and pain in his armsafter he won the Pep Boys Auto 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Sunday. But it was nothing compared...

Leaves leave cleanup to do

It's a time when raking blisters are abundant, driveways become camouflaged and lawn mowers cut more pine straw and leaves than grass. And, unlike most Richmond...

Colleges announce joint advisement program

AIKEN -- The concrete slab and heavy shoes wore blisters on her feet. Long days at the factory left her exhausted and in pain. For Paula Eichman, there were trips to the chiropractor...

Allergic reaction turns up

...I look at my arm, and it had water blisters the size of a half-dollar," said...thumb, but they grow together and form blisters, Dr. Dawson said. That's what happened...Boatright said. He developed small blisters "that looked like chicken pox" and...

Isolated disease wins doctor honor

...were suffering from a skin disease that left them covered in blisters and sometimes killed them. Her hard work and compassion paid...own immune system attacks cells in the skin, forming large blisters and often attacking organs such as the kidneys. Although similar...

Ankle aid could be Series key

BOSTON - Pitchers have dipped their fingers in pickle brine to ward off blisters, gotten cortisone shots in their shoulders or elbows, had their hamstrings wrapped in yards of tape. No one in World Series...

Augusta company's green tea lip balm could help cold sores

...AverTeaX from Camellix, it will be available as both an everyday lip protector and an ointment to treat outbreaks of sores and blisters. It will go on sale Monday through the company's Web site, camellix.com, along with the company's other products...

Preparing for invisible killers of biological warfare

...week, a rapt audience of doctors and public health officials gazed at the image of a child's face studded with smallpox blisters. D.A. Henderson, the doctor who led the successful global campaign to eradicate that deadly disease, paused as he prepared...

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