God heals all forms of blindness

Blindness means we cannot physically see. It also...that he can and does heal all forms of blindness, provided we admit we are blind physically...There's also mental and spiritual blindness. During the racially tense times of...

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Dislikes negative image of blindness

...about Stephanie Ray that people fear blindness more than anything except cancer. As...individual, I fear the negative image of blindness presented by Ms. Grossman more than...her basic daily living skills. Fear of blindness could have been partly alleviated if...

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A ray of light in fight against elderly blindness

...providing a ray of hope against a creeping blindness that steals vision from the center out...degeneration, or AMD, is the leading cause of blindness in people over 50. First, fine detail...Eventually, the worst form of AMD causes blindness. Now scientists are trying an experimental...

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Millions of Americans at risk for vision loss or blindness

...put them at risk for vision loss and blindness, researchers say, warning that the...Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness worldwide and the No. 1 cause of poor...researchers say. Other major causes of blindness and vision loss are macular degeneration...

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Pfizer to help eradicate eye infection that causes blindness

...eradicate an eye infection that causes blindness, Pfizer announced that it will provide...the fight against trachoma-related blindness said it is "enthusiastic" that with...scratch and scar the cornea, leading to blindness if not treated. Trachoma was initially...

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Antibiotic may stop preventable blindness infection

...cause trachoma, the world's leading preventable cause of blindness. After treating most of the village with azithromycin, the...it inward. The eyelashes scratch the cornea, leading to blindness. A simple procedure performed by a nurse can correct the...

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Fish eyes might hold cures to blindness

...What heals the eyes of tiny fish might point the way to helping heal human eyes of damaging diseases that are major causes of blindness, said researchers at Georgia Health Sciences University.The university held its third annual Vision Discovery Institute...

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Blind woman filled garden with riot of colorful flowers

...Atlanta to fend for themselves, and hence if this blind is to have her passion for the beautiful gratified she must do, in her blindness, all the hundreds of things that must be done for flowers. She does not know her flowers by sight, but she does know them...

Clean-energy plan flawed

...For states with nuclear power plants or where new reactors are under construction, the Environmental Protection Agency's blindness to its importance in carbon mitigation is alarming.Nuclear power's environmental record is impressive. In 2012, the...

Trial starts for woman who says fertility treatments were denied because of her blindness

...simply concerned about Chambers' ability to care for a child. "This is not a case about discrimination or a case about blindness or a case about a blind person being a good parent," he said in his opening statement. "This is a case about the ethics...

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