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...students Thursday when two therapy dogs entered the classroom. A telemedicine company begun in Augusta will be honored this week by a Georgia biotechnology group for securing millions in private funding. Don't Miss

Oldham: Capital will be drivingforce of biotechnology

...executive officer of the South Carolina Biotechnology Association.) THE MANTRA for real...location, location, location. For biotechnology it is capital, capital, capital...government have collectively concluded that biotechnology and biomedical research together should...

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Bush inherits biotechnology rule studies

...further public comments on agricultural biotechnology regulations. The Clinton administration...involved in regulating agricultural biotechnology. The Agriculture Department, the...Democrat who co-chairs the House Biotechnology Caucus, said Wednesday. "I don't...

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Vote postponed on biotechnology firm

Supporters of building a biotechnology industry in Augusta postponed choosing a firm to plan a research park because not enough members were present at Friday's meeting...

SEC allows public crowdfunding for startups

...Waiting at the gate for the final rules to take effect: legions of startups in areas such as packaged food, medical and biotechnology, restaurants and real estate.Under the new rules, people with annual income or net worth less than $100,000 will...

Biotech's newest task: Engineering a source of cash

...These are heady days for scientists at biotechnology companies as they take part in what...alarm bells are ringing in struggling biotechnology companies from Maryland to California...sciences industry, says investments in biotechnology have slumped severely this year, particularly...

Food warning labels debated

...genetically altered foods, continuing a biotechnology debate that has already swept across...fully empowered to test the products of biotechnology, industry and regulators will be operating...give consumers a choice, the food and biotechnology industries say the proposal is expensive...

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Biotech firms told: don't dismiss emotional concerns

...Economists and consumer groups warned the biotechnology industry that ignoring social, cultural...experts cautioned the agricultural biotechnology industry that their reliance on scientific...likely to backfire. "The proponents of biotechnology have to keep their minds open and not...

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U.S. biotech industry pushes hard on international stage

...including President Bush, gather at pro-biotechnology conferences on both U.S. coasts...said Carl Feldbaum, president of the Biotechnology Industry Organization, a trade group...this coming week to promote U.S. biotechnology as safe and scientifically sound...

Animal treatment shameful

...consider many "animal models" in experimental study to be obsolete. We have newer technologies (computer modeling and biotechnology) that allow us to determine the efficacy of an experimental treatment on humans.Dogs, pigs and birds are among the most...