Coyote control might not help fawn mortality

...article to be published this month in the Journal of Wildlife Management.In the paper, U.S. Forest Service research biologist John Kilgo and co-authors including S.C. Department of Natural Resources deer project leader Charles Ruth also found...

Right shuns consensus

...the warmest on record.Another example is evolution. Almost every scientific group, representing hundreds of thousands of biologists, has issued statements supporting evolution and rejecting "intelligent design." Seventy-two Nobel Prize winners have...

Labor Day holiday signals end to sluggish sea turtle nesting season

...we're in a recovery period," said Mark Dodd, the wildlife biologist who heads the sea turtle recovery program for the Georgia...populations. Turtle nests discovered on beaches by government biologists and volunteers get covered with a mesh that protects the eggs...

Snake fungal disease found in Georgia

...all of the infected snakes died. The disease led to a 50 percent decline of timber rattlesnakes in New Hampshire.Wildlife biologist Jessica McGuire, of the Georgia DNR Nongame Conservation Section, said it's possible all of the state's snakes are susceptible...

Biologists tag turtles with satellite transmitters

...Island to lay their eggs, the biologists were waiting to put satellite...satellite tracking system, biologists can say where the sea turtles...said Sally Murphy, a biologist with the state Natural Resources...in the ocean," she said. Biologists had also thought the type...

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Anglers' license to lie isn't a popular concept anymore

...midwestern U.S.At least eight species, varying from milk snakes to eastern racers, have been infected.Senior wildlife biologist John Jensen, a herpetologist with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, suggested that Snake Fungal Disease is...

Biologists start 2-year fish study

BRUNSWICK, Ga. - Biologists with the Georgia Department of Natural...immature red drum, according to the biologists. The department regularly conducts...information," Mr. Woodward said. Biologists will collect red drum at sites along...

Wildlife biologists band stork chicks to ensure their survival

...bandanna, the chick calmed enough to allow biologists to wrap an identification band around...banded by U.S. Fish and Wildlife biologists, like Robinette, to make sure they...his waist in murky water assisting the biologists. Robinette said some young wood storks...

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Biologists trying to find cause of elk deaths in Wyoming

CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- Biologists are trying to determine what is causing the biggest elk die-off...possible clue is the discovery of muscle lesions in the downed elk. Biologists hope to learn whether the injuries caused the elk to fall or were...

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Biologists call for presidential commission on harmful exotic species

...invasion threatens the United States, biologists warned Sunday, and they're calling...onslaught. The problem is so severe that biologists have asked the White House to do something...of native grasses a day. "A marine biologist returning to New England after an absence...

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