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Court sides with makers of 'The Perfect Storm'

...starring George Clooney about the storm that killed the fishing boat's crew grossed $150 million. The families of Capt. Billy Tyne, who was portrayed by Clooney, and crewman Dale "Murph" Murphy argued that Warner Bros. didn't get their permission...
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Across the southeast

...from making up events. A hearing is set for March 14. Jodi Tyne, the widow of fishing boat captain Frank William "Billy" Tyne Jr., sued Time Warner Entertainment Co. and the two companies that produced the film in U.S. District Court in...
'Perfect Storm' is perfect summer viewing

...Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. PLOT SUMMARY: After coming home with a less than a great catch, fishing-boat Capt. Billy Tyne (Mr. Clooney) decides to take the Andrea Gail and its crew out for another try. But, as we are told by a weatherman...
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