Defends Billy Graham's forgiveness

Re Remarks about Billy Graham and forgiveness in the March 21 Faber Hance letter: In most religions...their hearts to forgive one another ... Therefore, the Rev. Billy Graham, as a loving Christian, can and does have the prerogative to personally...

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Liberals are better

...audience excited, they are preaching well. I think audiences put on a show sometimes when the preacher is preaching. Billy Graham, the greatest preacher in the United States, spoke in a normal tone of voice, and audiences would not get emotional...

Billy Graham in hospital

ASHEVILLE, N.C. - A spokesman for Billy Graham says the 93-year-old evangelist is being treated at a North Carolina hospital for bronchitis.A joint statement Sunday from...

Group raises money for September revival featuring Billy Graham's daughter

...volunteers prepare for Just Give Me Jesus, a free two-day revival led by Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of evangelist Billy Graham."There has never been a prayer-less revival," Conger said. "God has promised a greater revival by corporate...

An enduring message

...American culture in the 20th century and beyond than Billy Graham, who celebrated his 95th birthday last week.Over...preaching to large audiences."God has done this."Billy Graham's voice may be softened by age and infirmity, but...

'Blind' Billy Graham has his own message

...from the pulpit. With the name Billy Graham, it's no wonder. While this...them apart. "I'm the blind Billy Graham," said the Saraland, Ala...standard questions about links to the Billy Graham. Among them: Did you enter the...

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The next Billy Graham? Experts say there won't be one

...singular role played by the Rev. Billy Graham, whose weekend revival meeting...Franklin Graham, is president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and preaches...qualities, message and his era. Billy Graham gained popularity during a 1940s...

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Fifty years ago, Billy Graham made a big but not lasting impact in Britain

...to ignite conservative Britons. Billy Graham proved them wrong, at least for...marked a decisive watershed for the Billy Graham Team in the USA, Harringay was...hearth and home after the war, and Billy Graham surfed that wave quite well...

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Billy Graham's daughter will hold Augusta revival in September

The Rev. Billy Graham calls her "the best preacher in the family."On Tuesday, the daughter of the famed evangelist, Anne Graham Lotz, announced...

Billy Graham statue to be unveiled soon

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - At age 87, the Rev. Billy Graham speaks softly and no longer strides to the pulpit. To many American Christians, however, he's still a larger-than-life...

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